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How To Send a Free SMS Online Without Registration

How To Send a Free SMS Online Without Registration

If you are looking to send free SMS online without registration, you must be happy to know that there is a plethora of working options for this. You can send free SMS online to any mobile phone no matter from what mobile network or country it is. There are completely free services and websites which let you see an SMS online. I will mention some of the best options.

Online Text Message

Online Text Message is one of the best way to send free

SMS online from your computer to any mobile number. This website lacks all the aesthetics, show and shine, but does the one job for which it was made. It sends the SMS right away without wanting any phone number. The receivers of the SMS messages can reply and they will come in your email id. You can use already designed fast SMS messages if you don’t have time to write one. This is a great way to send free SMS online without registration.


Txt2day is a great SMS website to send a free

SMS from computer. Just enter the destination number, select the provider/carrier service of the receiver, enter the text message and press send. You can search for a carrier with the number chunk if you don’t know it. You can also block a number if it is spamming you in replies.

Text ‘Em

Text ‘Em is the best way to send SMS from your computer online to any mobile number in the US. It is completely secure, fast and clean. However, it requires you give text under 155 characters.


SendSMSNow is the perfect way

to send SMS online for free internationally because it gives you a support for more than 34 countries. This website has a great ‘Inbox’ feature which lets you get the SMS replies straight in your inbox. This service also requires no registration and you can send a free SMS online without registration.

TextFree (Android, iPhone)

Enough of the free SMS sending websites right? Now let’s talk about an Android and iPhone app that lets you send free SMS online without registration. Meet TextFree, the number one free app for sending SMS messaging online from your Android phone or iPhone. Guess what, it does not require you any SIM card or carrier service. You just need an internet connection. Even better than this: you can send a free sms online with this app to any phone, carrier, without the need of the receiver having this app. It supports more than 40 countries, including India and Africa.

These were some of the best ways to send SMS for free online from your computer to any mobile without registration. Let us know which one worked for you.

Fahad Saleem

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