How to Send and Receive Text Messages on your Mac Computer

How to Send and Receive Text Messages on your Mac Computer

Nothing breaks up a good work session than a pinging sound on your phone that takes you away from your computer. It does have the effect of somewhat damping down things; especially when you are wired.

Unfortunately, this article is not a quick fix on how to go back to the state of wired after reading and/or replying to your text. However, we are going to share with you some trick on how not to ever leave your computer in order to read/reply to a text.

You will be able to read/reply to the text message right on your Mac computer and never having to touch your iPhone or Android phone for that matter.

Step 1 – Sending message from your Mac if you have an iPhone

If you use an iPhone then things just got a lot easier; especially if you have logged in your Apple ID account on both the iPhone and the Mac computer. If not, follow the steps below:

On your Mac go to System Preferences > iCLoud and sign in using the Apple ID you will use on your iPhone, go to the Apple ID account and ensure you are using the same account as the one you just logged in on your Mac computer.

Now that you have the same Apple ID account logged in on both the Mac and iPhone. Go to your Mac and look for the Messages icon on the dock. If you don’t see it press the Cmd+Space keys and type ‘messages.’

The Messages app should pop up. Now go to the new message icon and place the cursor on the ‘To: field’ and type the phone number of the recipient then press ‘Enter.’

PS: If you have synced your Contacts with your computer, you should see people directly from your contact list when you click on the ‘+’ sign on the ‘To: field’ of new messages of iMessage.

If the recipient is also an iPhone user, you will see a blue box added to their number and they will get the text you are sending as an iMessage.

#2 – Send message from a Mac to non-iPhone recipients

Apple also allows non-iPhone users to send messages from their Mac computers. Though the principal is more or less as mentioned above, except your messages will be relayed via Apple servers and sent to your recipients.

To first start receiving messages from non-iPhone users straight to your Mac computer. You need to activate ‘Text Message Forwarding’ on your iPhone. To do that, go to your iPhone Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and you will see your Mac listed there next to an on/off slider.

Tap on the slider to turn on the ‘Text Message Forwarding’ feature (the slider will turn green) and on your Mac, a code will be shown. Enter that code on your iPhone as a way of verification.

You will now be able to send/receive text message from your iPhone directly to your Mac computer. That way, you will never have to switch from your computer to your iPhone just to read/reply to a text message.

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