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How to set up a Home Office – innovative ideas for the workspace at home

by Felix Omondi
How to set up a Home Office - innovative ideas for the workspace at home

Working from home is never as easy as people who don’t work from home think. Sure, you can turn off your alarm clock, sit up on your bed, grab your laptop, and start working. However, that will only take you so far, before you get bored, your back start paining and myriads of other things that will keep you from concentrating on your work.

A home office should be designed in such a manner that you create a professional ambiance. One that allows you to completely focus on your work. In this article, we are going to explore how to set up a home office.

First of all, you don’t need a separate room for your home office; though if it is available even better. If not, you can simply designate a space within a room in your house for the office. Then set it up in a manner in such a manner that the home office is clearly distinct from the rest of the household.

Pick an appropriate Space to set up the Office

Rule of thumb, when selecting a space to set up your home office, avoid your bed, kitchen table, or the sofa. Also, avoid spaces closer to the aforementioned places. If you are on a small rental apartment, look for a small desk or table that will be exclusively used for work.

It is very important that you select a spot in your house, and fit in a desk and chair exclusively used for work. That way, you will not find it difficult to distinguish between work and non-work hours. That being the first step to achieving work-life balance. It will involve you shutting down your computer and emails when you move away from your workspace.

Physically stepping away from your workspace, also give you the psychological perception that work time is over. You can now attend to your family time or doing other non-work-related activities.

Place some pieces of Art within your workspace

A dull office space lacks the visual stimulation that brings out creativity. Then again, there is also the risk of going overboard with the arts that they now become a source of distraction. Moderation is the keyword here; find artwork that easily blends into the background without sticking out.

Artwork with minimal colors is recommended, regardless of how bold or bright they may be. With minimal colors, you reduce the chances of getting yourself too distracted and daydream away from your work.

Use Natural Light as much as possible

Having some greens in any space acts as a natural air filter and adds some life to space. Have some in your workspace, even if it is just small green plants. You can also have some fresh flowers put inside a vase, as an ornamental distraction within your workspace. If you don’t have enough natural lighting getting into the room, you can opt for artificial plants instead. They not only add some color and character to your office space but also make it happier.

Use Natural Light as much as possible

Pick a space within your room that will allow as much of the natural light to get into your office space as much as possible. Natural light not only improves your productivity but also your general mood. It also helps if you have some potted green plants growing in the room.

A space near the window would be ideal for office space. Ideally, a window that receives maximum sunlight.

Go for minimalist decor

A minimalist design makes space looks calm and peaceful. That is exactly what you want for your home office. The first step would be to declutter your desk. Speaking of which, you can use reclaimed desks and chairs made out of wood or any other solid wood furniture.

As for the coloring of the furniture and decor, as said earlier, a neutral color palette will better serve the purpose.

Black gives the right look

This might come as a surprise to some, but a black color scheme for your office space will actually make it look better. You can achieve that by adding black furniture item within your office space complemented with some brass accents. Giving the space a sleek appearance.

You can also give the walls a black painting, alternating the colors between gray and black in an artistic fashion to achieve an appealing blackish look.

Let your Office tell its Story

The home office decors will personalize your working space, and that is a way to let your inner free spirit express itself. Adding sentimental decors to space will serve as brain refreshers especially if they are souvenirs or mementos of your past travels.

Make your Office modern by integrating Modern Decors

You might want to go for a modern look for your office. To achieve that, you will need to use modern decors, which might include sleek lighting, white lacquer desk, and a geometric rug. Going for bold accent colors with brass will bring out a more feminine and glam look.

Use Open Shelves

To keep the shelves easily organized, open shelves are recommended since they are easy to arrange things on them. You can also add some color to make the space look fun and creative. 

Wrapping Up…

Putting a good vibe to your office space, whether at home or otherwise, boosts creativity and makes it easier to concentrate on your work. You need to be comfortable in the space you are working in, and that would mean also getting an ergonomic chair


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