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How to setup YouTube Music on your Sonos Speakers

YouTube Music is now in the lineup of streaming services available on Sonos speakers.

In this article, we are going to explore how you can set up YouTube Music on your Sonos speakers.

Launch the Sonos Controller app on your phone, then tap More at the app’s bottom right corner, and then tap on Add Music Services.

Next, tap on YouTube Music > Add to Sonos > I already have an account

(if you are already subscribed to YouTube Music) or I’m new to YouTube Music (if you don’t have the account, in which case you will be directed to signup for a new account at YouTube Music).

After login into your YouTube Music account, tap on the

Authorize and you will be taken to the Safari browser. Key in the code that you will be given in the text field then tap on Next.

At this point, you need to tap on Google account you will be using to access YouTube Music and then tap on Allow. At this point, you should be notified that your account has been

authorized. You can now give a name to the YouTube Music in your Sonos app.

You should now be able to play YouTube music on any of the Sonos speakers at your home or office.

YouTube Music playback on Sonos speakers

Now comes the part where you get to play your music. Simply follow the steps below:

Launch the Sonos app on your phone, tap on a category and select YouTube Music. It will automatically offer you various choices including recommendations, new releases, top charts, library, and even mixtape.

Under the sub-category, you can access Recently Liked Songs and Recently Added Playlists.

At this point you can pretty much tap on any playlist, album, or collection you would like to play. Next, tap on a song or Play all songs.

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