How To Share A Wired Ethernet Internet Connection With Multiple Devices

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How To Share A Wired Ethernet Internet Connection With Multiple Devices

If you are used to Wi-Fi, this might come as a surprise to you. Wi-Fi connection has not yet replaced wired Ethernet connection throughout the world. Even in developed countries such as the United States, there are still some hotels that have wired Ethernet connection only or have a very spotty and unreliable Wi-Fi. If you happen to find yourself in a situation with just a wired Ethernet connection, there are still various innovative ways you could go wireless when browsing the internet on your devices using the following tips.

Carry A Wi-Fi Router

You can carry your Wi-Fi router if you know the place you will be working has only an Ethernet connection. You could use the bog-standard Wi-Fi router that turns your wired Ethernet connection into a Wi-Fi connection. There some older version that may not support the best wireless standards in the market and could be slow, but it would work just fine for a temporary use.

Simply, plug the bog-standard Wi-Fi router in a power cable and then connect the WAN or Internet port to an Ethernet jack attached to the wall outlet cable. The router will then take it from there and give you a Wi-Fi network that you can use on all your devices. It would be a good idea to set up the router prior, in order not to be bothered with setting up the SSID and passphrase when you plug it in at a different location.

Create a Hotspot on your Laptop

It is highly likely that you have never seen the bog-standard Wi-Fi router, or if you have it is probably not something readily available to you at home or the workplace. If you have your laptop, this should suffice. Just connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop and ensure the other end is connected to the Ethernet outlet on the wall. Note, it will be a good idea to carry your own Ethernet cable with you, just in case you do not find one at the place you will be working from.

Unfortunately, most modern laptop (both Windows-based and MacBook) come without Ethernet port. If you own one of these, you can buy a USB Ethernet adapter that works with your laptop, and you will be good to go.

Next, create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop; enabling your other devices to connect to the internet through your laptop’s wired Ethernet Internet connection.

We have exhaustively covered the steps in how to turn your Wi-Fi into a hotspot in numerous previous posts. To learn the steps in turning your laptop into a hotspot, kindly follow this link to our previous posts.

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