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How to Spy On Someone’s Snapchat For Free?


In today’s wicked world, trust is a scarce thing to find. And since the age of social media, relationships have not been the same as they were before. Therefore, mobile spy apps are top-rated, as they protect you from getting cheated by your partner.

They are beneficial for relationships and parents to protect their kids safe by monitoring their child’s activities. They are also helpful to a businessperson who wants to keep tabs on their employees if they waste time on social media.

Especially when you are a parent, and you want to know what your child is doing on the internet, as we all know, the internet has its own merits and demerits. The demerits are easily accessible to the child if not paid attention. And parent tracking his child is like keeping a protective eye over him/her, and it is entirely legal, and there is no law against it. They are monitoring your child safe from inappropriate content or cybercrime and many more demerits.

One of the best apps to keep track of your child’s phone and online activity is Snoopza. It helps you track call records, text messages, and grab screenshots, and it is entirely invisible. one of the best features of Snoopza is free Snapchat spy.

Snapchat is a big issue for parents or loved ones as it has an auto-deleting messages feature, due to which even if you get their phones, you are unable to read the messages the photo they have sent on this app.

Your significant other is ignoring you to spend on this app, which creates miscommunication between your relationship and can ruin it. That is where Snoopza Snapchat spy tools come in handy. Snoopza app can help you keep a protective eye over your children who use this app so they do not misuse it and keep them safe.

Snoopza will allow you to spy on their text messages. Monitor the web history, check the location, and it helps you know your child’s problem when they are unable to share it with you and going through all the pain alone. You can know their situation and can be there to help them out.

How to Install Snoopza?

Installing Snoopza is very easy on an Android device.

The first step will be to take the target’s phone and open Play Store and tap on the menu button and find a product, then go to the setting button and disable the scanner with Play protect.

Then open your browser and go to the link ‘’ and press the search button. Once the site is loaded, create a free account with your Email and password.

Click on the link, download the app. and click on OK when the system message appears” this type of file can harm your device.”

Once the installation is finished, click on open and Tab on next, accept the legal terms, set the Snoopza app according to a device.

Turn on the basic permissions.

Allow sync manager to all device functions. 

Disable the show notification function.

Enter your Snoopza account’s login credentials and click ‘Activate.’ Activate all the Activities to track all the screenshots and click Next.

Set up the PIN code and make sure to memorize the PIN code. Then tap on ‘Finish.’

Snoopza is entirely invisible. Once installed on the target phone, it will not be detectable, which allows you to keep A protective eye without letting the other person know. It will be sending you all the data of the call records, messages, Snapchat photos without allowing the other person to know. It is also not shown in the settings; there is no way another person can uninstall it unless you want to.

You can use the Snoopza app for free do it has Limited functions; it still can be beneficial. In the free version, you will get the features like tracking calls, reading text messages, SMS, keeping track of your internet browsing history, and providing geolocation features.

In the Snoopza app’s paid version, you will get all of its features such as tracking calls, reading SMS, geolocation feature, track internet browsing history, etc. You will also have access to features like record calls, spy tools for different social media platforms such as Snapchat spy, Facebook spy, WhatsApp spy, and Viber spy.

This app will send you a screenshot, and you can check the contacts of the targeted person. The stealth mode is also available in the paid version, you can track the camera, and it gives you a feature that lets you know if the sim is changed or replaced.


Basic Plan


1 month



1 year



The paid version costs $14.95 for one month and $99.95 for 12 months.

And the basic version is free. You can pay using Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Maestro card.

Pros & Cons of Snoopza


it is an excellent app for keeping a protective eye over your children or significant other.

It is very cheap and affordable.

It is user-friendly.

Does not have a complicated installation process.


For installing Snoopza, you need physical access to the target’s mobile device, which can sometimes be difficult without suspicion. And sometimes, the target mobile device is password-protected, so you have to ask them to open it before using it.


Snoopza is a very efficient and effective tracking app that allows you to keep track of your child’s daily activities and protect them from harm’s way. It is very useful for married couples to keep the relationship safe and protected. Companies can also use this app to keep a tab on their employees, monitor their activities during work hours, and maintain a more productive workplace. It runs very smoothly and is completely invisible.

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