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How to Stop Apps From Using Mobile Data in iPhone

Mobile data is your biggest enemy when it comes to your monthly phone bills. There are some smart apps which even automatically turn on the mobile data in iPhone. This problem has even bulged in iOS 8. There is an option to turn off mobile data, but that is hidden. You should manually turn off apps in iOS 8 to stop  them using mobile data.

There is a trick which lets you stop apps from using mobile data in your iPhone. This would not only help you in saving a lot of unexpected costs and bills, your battery timings will also improve because mobile data apps eat up a lot of battery within no time.

The first trick is to manually stop some specific apps in iOS 8 from using mobile data. For this, follow the steps given below.

Launch Settings app in your iPhone.

Tap in Cellular or Mobile.

Scroll down and under ‘use cellular data for’, you will a lot of apps with toggle bars in front of them. Just toggle OFF the app you don’t want to enable cellular data for. You can turn off all the apps cellular data option too.

This is one way to turn off mobile data for apps in iPhone. The other way is to turn off the app refresh feature.

App refresh feature in iOS 8 enables the app to automatically make a refresh after a set period of time. This enables them to consume mobile data if the wifi is not working. You can disable app refresh feature in order to stop the usage of mobile data in your iPhone.

Launch Settings in your iPhone.

Tap on General

Scroll and locate ‘Background app refresh option”. Turn this option off.


That’s it. The mobile data won’t be enabled now in your iPhone without your consent. This is how to stop apps from using mobile data in iPhone. Let us know your feedback in the comment.

Image Source: iGeeksBlog

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