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How to Stop YouTube Endscreen Video Recommendations

by Felix Omondi
YouTube Endscreen Video Recommendations

Have you ever been embarrassed by the YouTube Endscreen Video Recommendations? Take, for instance, you were watching something on YouTube with your friends – or God forbid small children – and at the end of the video, what was recommended was something abominable.

Perhaps you were watching a G-rated video clip of say comedy or cartoon, but at the end of it some scandalous like videos of donkeys mating came up in the recommendations. Well, if your audience includes kids, I can bet you this, they will be curious to see that recommendation. While if your audience includes grown up, they might just be repulsed or give you the side-eye.

Avoid being embarrassed by YouTube Endscreen Video Recommendations

*The quickest way to avoid this type of embarrassment is to turn on Autoplay on YouTube. But if it was off, you probably turned it off for a good reason. So let us skip to the next alternative.

*You could also try hitting the Pause/Stop button at the very end of the video. That way the endscreen video recommendations don’t get a chance to show up. However, that would require you be so quick in click the button. Something that is easier said than done; you may manage to do so sometime, but not all the time.

*The next option would be to install YouTube extensions like Iridium, which will Pause/Stop the video at the very end. So you don’t have to take a gamble on whether or not you will be able to manually click to tap on the button by yourself.

*Another alternative would be to use Adbloc Plus, a content blocker, that will give you the chance to set up YouTube-specifice rules and do away entirely with the endscreen recommendations. Another interesting blocker to explore is the uBlock Origin.

With all the tips mentioned above, you should well be on your way to endscreen-video-recommendations YouTube viewing.

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