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How to Stream Movies, Videos from Windows, Mac to Xbox One

The true charm of videos and movies is when you watch them on big screens. If you have Xbox One gaming console, the good news is that you can stream any video, movie, song or audio from your Windows PC or Mac to Xbox One. This way, you can watch all the videos and movies in Xbox One by streaming them. You won’t need any HDMI cable for this process. Let’s see how to stream movie and videos from Windows and Mac to Xbox One.

Stream Videos from Mac, Windows Computer to Xbox One

In order to stream content from computer to Xbox One, we will use Plex Media Server player in the computer. This is a pretty powerful player which could stream all the media file types. In Xbox, we will use the native Xbox One media player app.

You must have the Xbox Media Player app installed in your Xbox. It mostly comes installed in the console, but if you don’t have it, you can easily install it from the apps section.

Note: Make sure that Xbox One and the computer is connected to the same network.

Your Xbox One must be connected to a TV.

Download Plex Media server in your Mac or Windows computer from where you want to stream the content.

After installation, open the Plex media server.

Click “Add Library”.

Click “Add Folders”.

Now navigate to the place where the media file, video, audio which you want to stream from your computer to Xbox One is stored.

From Xbox One start screen, navigate to “My Apps and Games” and find and open “Media Player” from the apps menu.

The media player app of the Xbox One will automatically discover and detect the Plex software. The video / audio library will show up on Xbox One. The name of the computer where the media files are hosted will be popped up.

Go to the media library in Plex using your Xbox One controller.

Tap A button on the Xbox One controller to stream the video.

The selected video will start streaming on the TV via Xbox One. You can pause, play, forward, and rewind the movie easily using the controls.

Let the Plex server run in your Windows computer. This software keeps running at the back-end.

This was how to stream movies, videos from Mac or Windows to Xbox One. Share your feedback in the comments.

Images: OSXDaily, mp4-dvd-converter

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