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How to Study Effectively for Your CISSP Certification


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Attaining the CISSP certificate is your key to a bold new step in your career, but before you can get there, an important exam lies in your path.

There are some sensible steps that will make your studying more effective and efficient, so let’s look at the most impactful tools and solutions to use if you want to become a certified information systems security professional.

Consider a self-paced course that can fit into your busy life

Taking a CISSP certification training course is the ideal way to provide yourself with a structure around which you can base the rest of your studies.

What you need to look for is a course that you can participate in at your own pace, especially if you’ve got other responsibilities from day to day that you need to accommodate alongside this, whether personal or professional.

There are ample online studying resources to use today, many of which are flexible enough to encompass the rapid pace of modern life, so signing up to one such course is a great starting point.

Work with other students to stay motivated

If you’ve got the option to communicate and collaborate with others who are in the process of studying to pass the CISSP exam, this can give you the motivation and support you need to thrive yourself.

Even if your course is entirely online, there are communities out there that will be able to support you, and many of the providers will have tools to allow participants to get in touch with one another and share the experience together.

Take practice exams and familiarize yourself with the questions you’ll face

As with any challenge in life, you’ll be better equipped to conquer the CISSP exam if you’ve had plenty of practice beforehand.

So don’t just absorb information from learning resources, but put what you know into practice by taking example papers and learning about what questions will likely be included in the real thing.

Don’t leave large gaps in your studies

We talked about choosing a course that works around your schedule, and this is definitely wise, but you also need to make sure that you do have the time to dedicate yourself to studying to achieve CISSP certification.

If you can only study sporadically, perhaps for a few days every month or so, with large gaps in between, then it’s very likely that you’ll get rusty and forget what you’ve learned. A slow and steady approach with ample focus is far better.

Remember to rest

A well-rested mind is better able to both study and succeed in exam situations, so if you’re a fan of burning the candle at both ends, this is definitely a bad habit to break on the road to getting certified.

The night before the test is especially vital, so spreading out your studies to avoid last-minute cramming sessions is better than trying to soldier through on a small amount of sleep. Taking steps to improve the quality of your sleep in general is also useful.

Make sure you handle the exam efficiently

A good tip for all exams, not just the CISSP test, is to be strategic in your approach on the day, rather than rushing ahead and trying to get started the moment you sit in your seat.

Reading over every question quickly up top is advised for this reason, and is also a great way to calm any nerves you might be feeling.

Most of all go easy on yourself, and aim to do your best without feeling too disappointed if your performance falls short of expectations. You can always try again and learn from your mistakes in future!

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