How to Take Burst Photos in iPhone

iPhone is enough for your travel photography if you really know how to use it for the purpose. It has tons of features. It’s all about making the right click at the right time, with a few right settings. Burst photos is a feature given by Apple in iPhone 5S. Using burst mode, you can take 10 frames per second photos

of a shot so that you could select the best amongst them. Burst mode is the best if you want to capture something that is moving, like a child, an animal in the wild etc. You can also use the burst mode if you are moving and have to capture a still place.

How to Take Photos in Burst Mode in iPhone

Launch camera app in your iPhone and make sure you are either on Photo or the Square setting.

Now press the shutter release button on the screen for a while, or the volume-up key on your iPhone. You will hear a nice burst sound of iPhone taking a lot of photos. The longer you press the button, the more the number of photos you will have of the scene.

You can view the photos taken as a result of the burst mode and select the best of them and deleted the rest. In iOS 7, you even have the Favorites option, in which the iOS recommends the best photos it thinks in the collection of a burst. In later iOS versions, you can view the burst photos by tapping on the “burst mode stack” option. While sifting through the photos, you can select the photos you think are good. You can also use ‘Keep Everything’ option if you want to keep all the photos.

That’s it. This is how to take burst photos in iPhone using the burst mode. Enjoy!

Fahad Saleem

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