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How to Take Stunning Photographs in Low Light on Your Phone

by Roveen

Our phones have become our main go-to cameras. No longer are the phones used to take quick, no frills photos. Right now, we use them as gadgets to take photos that we will use to create memories.

This is because the phone cameras are becoming a lot more capable, both in hardware and software.

But one thing that many people still struggle with when taking photos is how to take one in low-light. Below then, we look at how you can take great photos in low-light.

Use Night Mode

We get this one out of the way quickly. Many mid-range and high-end smartphones come with a Night Mode which makes it a lot easier for you to take photos in situations of insufficient lighting.

These features will have different names on each phone but they all serve the same function.

However, if you find Night Mode to be insufficient, then keep reading.

Artificial Light

I would suggest using your phone’s flash but most of them tend to create harsh lighting, which eliminates details.

So, for better low-light photographs, use portable LED light panels. These light panels can be positioned anywhere which allows you to be creative with the lighting. You can bounce them off the wall for softer lighting, place them to the side of your object, or above them or whichever way you like.

You can also adjust their brightness, which is not possible on many phone flash.

Use a Longer Shutter Speed

A shutter is the thin panel which determine how much light is allowed into the camera sensor. The longer it stays open, the more light is allowed into the sensors and vice versa.

So, look into your phone camera settings and set the shutter to be open for much longer to allow for more light and thus, better photographs.

And while at it, you should also ensure that your camera is on a solid surface, such as a tripod. This allows it to be steady and not take blurry photos. And remember, you can also edit your photos in post to make them look even better.

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