How to take Stunning Vacation Photos with your iPhone

Photos taken during a vacation can help us freeze in the frame some of the best moments of our lives. Thus they need to be stunning and memorable.

When out on vacation these days, it is often never complete without photos and videos to capture and freeze the moment in time. With our smartphones in hand, it has become that much more convenient to take photos, but it is not enough to simply point and click. Here are some hacks that will improve your holiday photography with the iPhone.

Watch the horizon

Whether it be on the beach, out in the mountains or in the vast open fields of the deserts in Dubai, one very important thing you need to consider is the horizon. Basically, never take photos where the horizon cuts through the head of the subject. This will make the image to be perceived as cluttered and tense. Instead, pull up the camera to lower the horizon down to the shoulder region or lower the camera so that the subject’s head is also below the horizon. This gives the image a better look. For better results, use the telephoto lens on your iPhone with 0.5 zooms.

Disable flash

The flash has its use, but that use is not when you want clear and crispy photos during your vacation. Auto-flash on phones is something that many pro photographers agree produces poor-quality and washed-up photos.

Instead, use an external light source for your shooting. Clip-on ring lights that you can clip on your phone should be of use.

Switch your perspective

When you do not change up the angles of your subject, then your vacation photos will get boring after a while, especially if someone else who didn’t go is looking at them. You want the people who didn’t go to also be immersed in the experience thus, switch up the angles of whatever you are taking, whether it be someone else, a mountain, a beach or the open sea or other landmarks. Use high angles, low angles and such. Also, use other objects in the foreground to make images more interesting.

Make use to your Apple Watch or Earpods

The beauty of Apple is just how their eco-system works excellently. Your Apple Watch and Earpods can be used to control your camera. You can use Earpods by pushing either the volume up or volume down button to snap a photo. This can be great for taking selfies or taking candid photos. On the Apple Watch, this can be achieved by opening the Camera Remote app on the watch and use it to do all you want with the phone camera, including zooming, adjusting exposure and taking the shot. However ensure the phone is a tripod for clearer and stable images.

Vacation photos do not need to be boring so use these hacks and watch your vacation photos turn into art.

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