How to Text Someone on WhatsApp without First Saving their Number [Android & iOS]


I don’t know about you, but WhatsApp has become a vital communication tool in my life. For the most part, the app is easy, quick, and outright convenient to use. It became even more useful when they added voice and video call features, which has significantly reduced my monthly cellphone bill.

So it is little wonder why the app now boasts of over two billion users worldwide. Though there are still some few things, we wished the app worked on to make the user experience even more vibrant. That includes increasing the number of people who can engage in a conference video call on the app at the same time.

Currently, just a maximum of four users can make join in on the same video call at any particular time. However, there are news doing round that WhatsApp is currently working on an update that will increase that number. So yes, we might soon be having more participants on a video call on the app at the same time.

WhatsApp ProTip: Text Someone without First Saving their Number

While there is nothing we can do to increase the number of video calls participants, we just have to wait for the company to bake in the feature. When it comes to texting someone not in your contact list, I have found a little workaround to that issue.

If you are like me, I hate having to populate my phonebook with numbers I think I’ll be contacting just once or a few times. For most people, if you want to text or call a certain number over the app, you must first save the number to your contact list, then refresh WhatsApp contacts.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to populate your contact list with new numbers that you will be ‘WhatsApping’ just once of a few times. This workaround works for both Android and iOS devices users.

All you need to do text a new number on WhatsApp without first saving them to your contact list is as follows:

Open your mobile browser on your phone (iOS or Android).


Please note the phone number must include country code or region code without the ‘+’, ‘-’, or ’00’.

For instance, let us say you want to chat with someone in Kenya, and their phone number is something like +254728000000. On your mobile browser, you will type as follows:

Once you enter the URL above on your mobile browser and tap on the ‘Enter’ on the on keyboard. The webpage that will load up will look as follows:

Tap on the big green message icon, and it will open conversation on WhatsApp with the number. That is how you start texting or calling a number without first saving it on your contact list and unnecessarily populating your phonebook. Enjoy!

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