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How to Track a Cell Phone Location Effectively?


Cell phones are the most common piece of modern technology. Cell phones are used by people worldwide and are perhaps the new equipment which is taken everywhere. They provide the perfect way in for someone to spy on.

Anyone whom you may suspect ill from, from a partner who you think is unfaithful or maybe even an employee or business associate who you may think is dealing with your rivals. The best way to catch them red handed will be with a cell phone spy app. There are many such apps these days.

The app we have in focus today is Spyier. We aim to explain to users how to track a cell phone location with Spyier and how it may be useful for your spying needs.

What is Spyier?

Spyier is a spyware app which is built around the fact that it will work legally and remotely to find out secrets. It works on Android and Apple devices of various sorts. Spyier is a very popular application for spying and it is available all over the world.

Spyier enjoys a user base of over a million people and it is also very popular among platforms such as top 10 reviews and life wire. Spyier works in stealth mode as well, this makes it an app which can spy on people while keeping your identity a secret from them.


Spyier can monitor and spy on a device very easily with the use of its wide array of features. One of such features is the ability to track a cell phone location very effectively. You can sit back and relax, let Spyier worry about how to find the device’s location. There are other fantastic features as well.

Overall, some of the features Spyier offers are:

Location tracker and monitor


Web Browser history record

WhatsApp message spy

Text message spy

Contact history and caller frequency record

Stealth mode

And more features

Tracking the location of a cell phone is only one of the many things Spyier can do very well. As you can see there are many useful features one can use besides just location tracking to find out more about someone’s secrets. Using all these features you can basically get any information one has.

However, there is one thing that a user must consider when using this service. You can only get updates and results for when the target device is online. If the phone loses internet connectivity you will not be able to get updates until the device finds the internet.

So keeping that in mind, you won’t get location updates till the device is online. Once the device does find the internet you will catch up with the locations it went to and from.

How to track a cell phone location with the use of Spyier for Android

Spyier can find and monitor the location of a device pretty easily. But, before you can do that you will have to set it up for a device. This is very easy to do, which is the main reason for Spyier’s success.

Step 1

Visit the Spyier website at form any device and then you will have to create an account on the website. Fill out any information that Spyier asks from you and afterwards pay an amount which is going to be charged upon you.

Step 2

For Android Devices

Spyier’s set up for an Android device is one that will require you to manually download a file onto your target cell phone. This file is only 2 Mb big and Spyier will most likely email you this file. No app can work on an Android straight from the get go.

For Apple iOS devices

The set up for iOS apple phones is much simpler. This is easily done remotely as you will only need to connect the target apple phones cloud account with the Spyier account you already registered. In this case you will need to know the login credentials of the could account.

Step 3

The installation process, if you can actually call it that should now be over with. You have successfully set up your Spyier account and now you can work on getting answers. It might take a few minutes for the service to start running.

The service is even easier to remove as it is to install. If you want to remove it on Apple devices all you have to do is to remotely remove the cloud account form your Spyier account. In case of the Android devices you will have to delete the file you downloaded onto them.

Now that you have the power to find out the location of a cell phone, you can easily use it to your advantage. Find out where your kids go when it’s too late, find out whether or not your partner is up to no good and you can also confront an employee who is leaking quality information to competitors.


You can easily track a cell phone location with Spyier and in doing so you can confirm your thoughts about someone or free them of your suspicion. This is a fantastic tool to catch unfaithful partners and even a good tool to keep tabs on your children. This is a fantastic, easy to use and utilize tool.

There are other decent apps for this purpose such as Minspy and Spyine but we believe that in this day and time Spyier offers just a little bit more than them. We hope that through our review you will have an idea now as to how to tackle your issues in life and how to track a cell phone for it.

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