How To Track An iPhone Without Installing an App?

Have you ever thought about getting into someone’s iPhone and know their live location?

You must have searched for different methods to help you track an iPhone without alerting the user. Unfortunately, almost every method suggests you install an application in your or the targeted device.

Well, we are not going to suggest any method that includes any application. Our method does not even include any application and works purely on a remote basis. This method will help you in tracking iPhone location without app by using Spyine.

Spyine – The Best iPhone Tracker

Spyine is a phone monitoring solution that has helped over a million of its users to track someone’s iPhone easily. Do you know what’s special about this platform?

It does not require you to be a techie to use it. No matter if you are a programmer or even a non-technical person, you can use this platform and get the results. This platform is trusted by people as it works in stealth mode to protect your identity from third-party applications.

You can use the different methods of this platform without performing a jailbreak on the targeted device. That is what made it feature on Forbes, TechRadar, AndroidAuthority, etc. Unlike other spy applications, it provides you a free demo to help you understand how the platform works.

Taking the Spyine’s suggestions is the best way to locate any iPhone without alerting the user.

Popular Features of Spyine

Now you must have understood how this platform works to help you track any iPhone device within a few minutes. Here are some of the most popular features of the Spyine application:

Location Tracking: This is the main feature that we are going to use. It helps you locate any iPhone without having any access to their device.

Call Logs Viewer: It is a great feature that allows you to check all the call logs of the targeted device remotely. Additionally, you can check their frequently contacted numbers, call duration, and other call stats.

Whatsapp Spy: Another exciting feature of this platform. This feature allows you to get into someone’s WhatsApp and read their messages remotely. Additionally, you can check their status and contacts without letting them know.

Browsing History: This feature is designed to help you check the browsing history of the targeted device.

Steps of Tracking an iPhone

We have prepared this step by step guide so that anyone can track an iPhone without learning coding or other skills. Just follow the below steps to track an iPhone without letting the user know:

Step 1: Create an Account

The whole process is done from the official website of Spyine and does not include installing any application. We will start by creating a free account by clicking on the “join now” option. It will ask you for some details such as your name and phone number.

Submit the details to create a strong password for your account. Anyone having access to your online account will have access to the targeted device.

Step 2: Subscribe to a Membership

The next step involves choosing one of their membership plans to get access to the premium features. You can choose the basic membership for $10.83/ month for a single device.

Additionally, you can check their demo version to know how the application works before making the decision.

Step 3: Verifying The Targeted Device

The third step involves verifying the targeted device that is to be traced to this platform. All you need is to enter their iCloud Credentials in the box that you can see in the above picture.

It will take some time to sync their data to your account. Wait for some time and click on the finish after the syncing is completed.

Step 4: Tracking the Device

Congratulations!!! You have done all the work without even touching their phone for once. Now you need to click on the dashboard all for the “Location” tool under the features tab. Just tap on it, and it will start showing you the current location of the device.

Additionally, you can trace the places they have visited by following the same method.

Why Choose Spain Over Other Spywares?

There are hundreds of spying applications and platforms offering phone monitoring services. However, most of them are fake and just created to steal your data to sell it to the advertisers.

On the other hand, Spyine charges you a little fee for the services and provides a genuine way to do it. It has been around for a long time and has been trusted by millions of users for transparency in their work. A user is the only person that has access to their account.

Additionally, the awesome features of this platform is another reason that makes it the leading spying platform.


No matter if it is tracking a phone or checking someone’s messages, Spyine has a solution for everyone. The tools and features that we have discussed in this article are enough to track an iPhone remotely.

With these easy steps, anyone can become a professional spy overnight. On top of that, it is a platform that does not want you to deal with any third-party app on your or the targeted device. All the process is done remotely without touching the phone.

You can apply the same method for other tasks, such as checking someone’s browsing history and installation applications. So just apply the steps of how to track an iPhone without installing an app and enjoy the access to anyone’s phone.

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