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How to Transcribe Video and Audio Files Easily?


What is Video and Audio Transcription?

To transcribe audio or video means to convert its content into text. The outcome is called transcription. Nowadays, you can use modern technologies to get a reliable transcription rather than do it by hand.

Who Needs to Transcribe Audio/Video?

There are plenty of specialists who need audio/video transcription. Among them are journalists, lawyers, students, researchers, doctors, media professionals, etc. All these people often need audio-to-text transcription and use it for their own purposes, for example, publishing the interview with a famous person that was initially recorded on a dictaphone.

How to Transcribe Recording?

You can convert audio or video to text using two options: with the help of professional human transcribers, or using a software application. In the first case, you hire a transcriptionist who listens to the necessary record or watches a required video and then types it out. Such a form of transcription is considered the most accurate. The application can recognize the words and type them out quicker than a person, but not each one will catch difficult words. That’s why choosing a good app is crucial.

Three forms of transcribing

It is possible to convert video or audio speech to text online in three ways:

  1. Literal transcription: this form means typing out every single word, reaction (aahs, and other filter words). It is often used in qualitative research when the most significant thing is to monitor a human reaction. For instance, marketing research.
  2. Clean transcription: this is when all words except filter words are transcribed out. Clean transcription is efficient in situations when the person’s intonation and reaction do not matter. The result can be used in newspapers, thesis, etc. Such a form of receiving English audio text is the most common.
  3. Summary transcription: it is not used for converting text for interviews or similar things. The most common field is rendering meetings, where the overall context is crucial but not each detail.

Final Thoughts

If you are not satisfied with a work of a chosen application, then you can try to transcribe an interview or any other video/audio manually. However, mind that most of us can’t type as quickly as people speak. Hence, it is better to entrust a professional service that comes up with a transparent per-minute billing. As a result, you will get high-quality text that is received in any of the three above-mentioned ways.

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