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How to Transfer Movies to iPad Without iTunes

Transferring movies to iPad could be very useful and sometimes necessary, especially if you are planning to stat binge watching sessions, or travelling and have a lot of time to kill watching movies. But Apple’s ecosystem has always made things difficult for normal users who just want to get their data straight into their devices without any maze and start using it. Let’s see how to transfer movies to iPad without iTunes.

While there are countless third party apps, video converters and software to transfer videos and movies to iPad, I will talk about a simple, straightforward method which makes transferring videos and movies to iPad very easy.

Transfer Movies to iPad Without iTunes

Using Cloud Service

Cloud is perhaps the best way to transfer movies to iPad without any problem. Services like Google Drive, Dropbox allow you to transfer data, media and files from the Cloud. You can transfer any movie to iPad without iTunes very easy.

But you will need to have Dropbox or Google Drive installed both in your PC and iPad.

Just install the Cloud app in your iPad from the app store. Both Dropbox and Google Drive have nice apps for iPad.

From your Mac or Windows PC, transfer the movie to the folder and let it sync with your account. This could take time depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Image: GottabeMobile

Once the movie is put in the folder, sync it across all the devices.

Now open the Cloud storage app and see the folder. The movie must have been synced on the iPad too.

You can either watch the movie directly from the Dropbox without downloading in iPad or download it first in your files and then watch it.

Image: GottabeMobile

I would suggest downloading the movie(s) first and then start watching them.

Open the Dropbox app in your iPad. Tap on the “Share” button (the one with the arrow on the top right corner) and hit ‘save video’.

The video/movie will be saved. You can watch this in the videos app in your iPad.

Using Waltr Software

Another way to transfer videos and movies to iPad without iTunes is to use a great third party software called WALTR. Waltr is installed in computer and it lets you transfer the files from computer to mobiles devices.

Download and install WALTR.

Connect your iPad without your Mac or Windows PC and WALTR will detect the iPad automatically.

You will see a big plus sign (+) on the Walt interface. Use it to upload the movie or videos.

Image: GottabeMobile

The best thing about walt is that it changes the videos and movies to the compatible file to be supported for iPad.

Just let the movie upload. After the uploading, open the iPad’s “Videos” app and you will see the movie in it.

Image: GottabeMobile

Enjoy watching movies in iPad.

This was how to transfer movies to iPad without iTunes.

Let us know in the comments in case of any confusion or feedback.

Fahad Saleem

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