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How to Transfer WhatsApp History from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

by Fahad Saleem

Transferring data seems quite difficult between cross-platform devices. One may want to transfer WhatsApp history immediately after getting Samsung Galaxy S8 from iPhone. Switching from iPhone to Samsung S8 causes little trouble for the limitations on Apple’s part.

There are some ways to transfer WhatsApp history from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, few are:

  • Method to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 through e-mail chat:
  1. In your WhatsApp on iPhone, navigate to the “Chats” option at the bottom side. Select the messages that you’d like to transfer. Tap the conversation and slide it to the left side. Options are shown, click “More” > “Export Chat”
  2. Window with the message “Attach Media” / “Without Media” will pop up. Click on one of them according to need. Tap “Mail”
  3. Enter the e-mail address and tap the “Send” button. Go to Samsung Galaxy S8 and log-in your e-mail account. WhatsApp messages in TXT format will be found out and viewed in the e-mail
  • WhatsApp history can be transferred to Samsung S8 by using cloud feature. For this, follow these steps:
  1. In your old iPhone, go to WhatsApp and open settings.
  2. From settings, open chat Settings and navigate to chat backup.
  3. Click on backup. All of your conversations will be backed up to WhatsApp cloud server.
  4. Install WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy S8 and register using your phone number.
  5. You’ll be asked if you want to restore your previous conversations. Click “Yes” and all of your backed conversations will be restored to new handset.
  • WhatsApp history can be transferred from iPhone to Samsung S8 by using iOS WhatsApp transfer. It’s an effective program that helps one to move WhatsApp chat history and attachments between iPhone/iPad or Android devices.
  1. Download and install iOS WhatsApp Transfer on computer and launch it.
  2. On the interface, click on “WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” > “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”.
  3. Plug iPhone and Samsung into PC via the matching USB cables. (iPhone should be connected as the source device while Samsung as the destination device.)
  4. After the successful connection of devices, click on the “Transfer” button and the program would start to migrate the WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8. Using this method erases the chat history on Samsung phone therefore, it is recommended to backup WhatsApp conversation from Samsung first.
  5. Disconnect your devices. Go to Samsung and restore the history when you open the WhatsApp app.

This is the more effective method since there are no worries of how to import chats as well as the format in which chats are transferred. ­­­

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