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How to Travel Without Actually Traveling


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While many people love traveling, only a part of them will go on a trip this year. Others will have to stay at home due to financial problems, the pandemic, lack of time, or some other issues. However, if you are a part of the second group, don’t worry – we will help you enjoy travel without actually traveling.

In this article, you will find a list of 5 activities you can do to enjoy new experiences, meet new people, and learn more about the world. They include but are not limited to reading travel books, watching travel movies, taking virtual tours, getting in contact with other travelers, and starting planning your next trip. Read on, and make sure that your staycation gets as exciting as possible.

Read Travel Books

If you are passionate about reading, you probably have a shelf full of books at home. However, you can add another category to it – travel books. Travel books are different from other kinds of novels in terms of structure and length.

They contain helpful information, and they usually describe a country or region the author visited. The travelogue defines what a place is like, what it looks like, what is there to see, and what you should be careful about. It also contains recommendations on the accommodation, transportation, food, and souvenirs you should buy.

There are many countries and regions described in travel books – from the sunny beaches of Spain to the freezing North Pole! If you want to start your collection with a book about one particular country, you can find many of them in bookshops and some of the bestsellers related to traveling on Amazon.

Get in Contact With Other Travelers via Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. If you connect with your friends on Facebook or interact with other people’s stories on Instagram, you already use social networks on a daily basis. However, many travelers regularly share their experiences with hundreds of followers – and one of them might be your new friend!

You can learn a lot from people who have already been to some of your dream destinations and share their photos and stories with other users, including you. There are even special groups for travelers on Facebook – not only those who want to share their experiences but also those who want to meet up with other people who love traveling as much as they do.

Besides, the internet brings together so many people even in some unexpected places – you can meet your new friends of interest next time playing in the best live casinos or having an online fitness session!

Watch Travel Movies

If you don’t want to read books, you can watch travel movies instead. Travel movies will show you the world through the eyes of famous movie stars instead of ordinary tourists. You will see places that existed long before you were born and places that won’t exist after your death. You will see how others perceive your city or town, how people live in other countries, and how they struggle with foreign problems.

There are many genres in filmmaking – including nature documentaries, action movies, comedies, cartoons, romantic drama films, and more. If you want to watch something educational that won’t make you bored, we recommend taking a look at National Geographic documentaries or videos on YouTube. You will see many exciting things about exotic animals and their habitats, African tribes living in the middle of the desert, and so on.

Take Virtual Tours

If you don’t have time to watch movies or study books but still want to feel like you’re traveling around the globe without actually doing it, you can take virtual tours. There are dozens of websites where you can find 3D panoramas created by travelers and photographers who visited various parts of the world.

One good example would be Google Street View, which lets you explore various places around the world. Make sure to visit the most popular cities on our planet, such as New York, London, and Paris. Another good example is Google Earth, which lets you see photos of the world from the sky. It is a fantastic way to see how beautiful the world is and learn more about it.

Of course, not every street or corner has been filmed yet, but some have – just try looking for a city near your area. Besides this website, there are also dedicated apps for mobile devices that offer similar features – including links to local tourist attractions, such as museums, parks, and restaurants.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

If you have already been on several trips – maybe even some long-term ones – you probably have plans for your next journey already. However, if you don’t have any travel plans for the near future but still want to imagine yourself somewhere else, we recommend doing it right now! After all, the sooner you plan your next trip, the sooner you will enjoy it.

Planning your next journey doesn’t have to be complex – there are no strict rules to follow when choosing your next destination. Usually, it depends on your budget and availability of free time. But sometimes, you might just get inspired by a friend’s story or someone’s blog post or YouTube video and add a new travel goal to your bucket list.


There is no doubt that traveling is a great way to learn more about the world and develop your personality. However, you don’t need to visit all countries in order to enjoy new experiences. You can do many activities at home, which will help you feel like a traveler and get inspiration for your next trip. Then, you can even make a plan for a trip in the future and start saving money for it.

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