How to turn off those Pesky Opera Mini notifications

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Look, as a person who at one time had to make do with slow yet expensive internet connection. Opera Mini has always been a lifesaver, especially in its early years; before it was bought by the Chinese consortium and turned into an aggressive Ads factory.

Today’s Opera Mini (hell, even the Opera for desktop) browser has changed a lot from the earlier days one that drew in users for its killer feature. Data compression and boosting slow speed network.

Though it still does much of that these days, it has also added a little extra; perhaps a bit too extra if you ask me. Take, for instance, the lock screen pop-ups and notification feature on Opera Mini.

The mobile browser has turned into an aggressive ads and news churning machine that not only depletes your mobile data plan fast but also uses up too much hardware resources on your phone. For one, your battery drains faster from all those background activity Opera Mini is doing while the device is in standby mode.

These features also cause your device to freeze, especially if your device is limited in the hardware department. I am talking about devices with like 1-2 GB RAM, and you also have other heavy applications installed. Such devices will always be straining and freezing every now and then because of these new Opera Mini features.

How to turn off Opera Mini notification

Launch your Opera Mini mobile browser. Tap on the ‘Zero-icon’ (that’s the Opera icon’) on the mobile browser, and click the gear-button ‘Settings’ button.

Under the Opera notification – for Products and service news – tap the slider to off position. You can also do the same for Facebook notifications if it’s turned on.

Now, in this article, I have used screenshots from an Android tablet. However, the steps remain more or less the same whether you are using Opera Mini on an Android smartphone or tablet.

We previously featured an article on how to stop the on-screen news update. You can check that out using this link.

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