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How to Tweet in 280 Characters RIGHT NOW and skip the wait imposed by Twitter on some

by Felix Omondi
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A brilliant guy once said, “A fool never changes his mind, and a wise man changes his mind sometimes.” For long Twitter has been that fool who refuses to change its 140 character limit. I mean how are you supposed to share with the world your fountain of pure wisdom (sheer stupidity for some) in just 140 characters? Quiet limiting I think!

Well, it not uncommon to hear of a fool becoming wise every once in a while, and yesterday was Twitter’s chance, and they took it. So the micro-blogging site pushed the limits of its character limits to twice bigger the initial size; to 280 characters.

However, they did it is a smart way. They know you got billions of things you want to share with the world. They didn’t want to make the feature available to everyone at the same time; not just yet. So they are rolling it out in waves, with each successive wave having more Tweeps getting the tweets limitation expanded to 280 characters from the 140 characters limit.

Chances are high you have not yet been able to tweet in 280 characters. If you are able to tweet in 280, kindly move to our next article, but if not, continue to read.

Skip the wait and start Tweeting in 280 characters right now

These days patience is a rare virtue, and the modern world puts doubt on whether it ever was a virtue in the first place. We are the microwave, instant coffee, and ready-to-drink generation. We don’t have time for patience, and we certainly don’t have the time to wait in queue for Twitter to enable us to tweet in 280.

So here are some pro tips on how to jump that damn queue as explained by The Next Web at this link.

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