How to Unfriend or Block Someone on Facebook for Android, iPhone or iPad (Guide)

How to Unfriend or Block Someone on Facebook for Android, iPhone or iPad (Guide)

Facebook is the social media behemoth used by billions around the world. We make friends on Facebook and interact with them daily. But sometimes, when things get rough or don’t go as they should, you can always block someone on Facebook or unfriend a friend on Facebook. In this article, we will tell you how you can easily block someone on Facebook or unfriend in iPhone, iPad and Android. This is important because according to the stats, above 45% users access Facebook from mobile devices.

 Block Someone on Facebook or Unfriend in iPhone, iPad

In order to block someone on Facebook in iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below.

Launch Facebook app in your device. Tap the ‘More’ option (The one with listed lines)


Now Locate ‘Settings’ Tab and tap ‘Settings’


Tap on the option named ‘Blocking’ with the red mark.

Now type the name or email address of the person you want to block on Facebook and tap ‘Block’. That contact will be immediately blocked.

In order to unblock any contacts, you will find the blocked contacts at this same place under ‘Blocked’ tab. There will be an ‘unblock’ option in front of the blocked contacts which you can use to unlock blocked friend on Facebook.

Unfriend Someone on Facebook for iPhone, iPad

If you want to unfriend a friend on Facebook, follow the steps given below.

Launch Facebook app from your device.

Tap ‘More’ icon in the right corner of the interface.

Under ‘Favorites’, tap  ‘Friends’.

Now, you will see a list of friends with ‘Friends’ option in front of them. Tap this ‘Friends’ box for the friend you want to unfriend on Facebook.

You will now see a list of options from where you can select ‘ Unfriend’. You can also unfollow the friend, which will mute him and you will no longer see his status updates or anything in your news feeds.

That’s it. This is how you can block someone on Facebook or unfriend your friend in Facebook for iPhone or iPad.

 Block Somone on Facebook in Android or Unfriend

If you want to unfriend or block anyone on Android, follow the process given below.

Launch your Facebook for Android app.

Search the contact you want to block or unfriend.

When the profile gets opened, you will see ‘Friend’ sign (with a tick mark if he is your friend on Facebook).

Tap ‘Friends’ (just under the profile pic) and you will see an option to unfollow or unfriend.


If you want to block a contact, tap the ‘More’ option ( the one with three vertical dots) and you will see a ‘Block’ option. Use it to block the contact on Facebook for Android

This is how you can unfriend a friend or block someone on Android app.

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