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How to Unjailbreak an iPhone, iPad

by Fahad Saleem
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Jailbreaking is a procedure to get the root access to the iOS devices, breaching in the Apple ecosystem. Jailbreaking an iPhone comes with a lot of features, apps, tweaks, access and more, but it has a cost: Once you jailbreak your iOS device, you could never go to the App store or buy and download any official Apple software from its store. As soon as you jailbreak your device, the device warranty, service facilities and other offers given by Apple to its iPhone users get vanished. This is because Apple emphatically recommends its users never to use jailbreaking. You can always unjailbreak your iPhone if you want to get listed in the ‘normal’ iPhone users in Apple books and want to start getting official apps and offers from Apple.

Let’s see how to unjailbreak iPhone and iPad.

How to Unjailbreak iPhone and iPad

Connect your iPhone, iPad to Mac or PC in which iTunes is installed.

Enter passcode/credentials and login.

Go to Settings.

Head over to iCloud-> Find My iPhone and turn it off.

You will be asked to enter Apple Id password. Enter it and tap the ‘Turn Off’

Go to the Devices section of the iTunes and select your device.

Click ‘This computer’ under the backups section

Click Backup Now and choose Backup Apps from the Alert Window.

Click Restore iPhone and tap Restore in the alert window.

Your device will be restored after a few minutes. You could also download and install the new version of iOS afresh from Apple’s official sources. Just restore the device is asked from the on-screen instructions.

This is how to unjailbreak iPhone or any iOS device. The best part is that all the traces will be removed, that is, Apple won’t be able to know that you were a sneaky jailbreak user in the past. App cydia apps, cydia store will be deleted from your iPhone.

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