How to Use a CB Radio in 5 Easy Steps

How to Use a CB Radio in 5 Easy Steps

Before the days of social media and the internet, the CB was a popular place for people to talk to each other. The advent of technology has changed the landscape of almost everything around us. Social media and websites have now become the new way to connect with people and interesting gadgets like the CB radios have slowly blurred out of the main picture. Today there are hundreds of websites that can be built to attract internet audience. Website development can be done through many different platforms which can be compared through website building comparison sites. These sites tell you which platforms are the best for building your own website.

CB radios have their uses in professional settings such as trucking. That said, CBs are common places for enthusiasts to find and speak to like-minded individuals. 

But CB radio has lots of phrases and terms that might seem alien to you, and you may feel that you need a guide to CB radio for beginners.

Here’s how to use a CB radio in five easy steps. 

1. Getting to Grips With the Basics

One of the biggest barriers that some people may face when trying to get their head around CB radios is all of the different terminologies that get used. 

Citizen’s Band is a short wave radio. Typically, the signal can reach between 40 and 100 miles. 

CB radios have 40 channels and are either on an AM mode or Single SideBand mode. SSB has less noise than AM mode and is more often found in higher-end CB radios. 

The 40 channels on the CB radio can all be used for talking to other CB users. 

You do not need a CB license to operate a CB radio. 

2. Choose the Right Equipment

Picking the right equipment is essential. If you’re just looking for a radio that you will use for fun, then you could pick up a reasonable device for around $50. 

If you are a more serious user, then you should read up on sites such as to find the best CB radio for your needs. 

3. You’ll Need a Call Sign

If you’re going to use a CB radio, you’re going to need a call sign, or ‘handle.’  Your call sign can be anything that you like. 

4. Know Your Etiquette 

Although there are 40 channels that you can use on your CB, there are certain channels that are reserved for specific uses. In addition to this, there are also etiquettes surrounding how to use these channels. 

Before you start a conversation on any of the channels, you should check that nobody else is using the channel first. 

Try and keep your conversations to less than five minutes each so that others can use the channel if needed.

5. Pick a Channel 

Channel 19 is reserved for users to carry out equipment checks. If you need to check that you are being received, head to channel 19 and say “1-9 for a copy,” and if your rig is working, someone will confirm how clear you are coming through. 

Channel 9 should be reserved for emergency use only.

Now You Know How to Use a CB Radio

CBs may seem complicated; however, they are quite simple to use. Simply ensure that you are following the basic rules of etiquette, and it will be an enjoyable experience. 

Now that you know how to use a CB radio, you can look at getting your own CB. 

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