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How to use Google Docs completely offline

by Felix Omondi
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Google has baked Google Docs to be an extremely productive and fine word processor. It can easily replace Microsoft Word or any other word processor out there, and not just because it is available for free. It is as powerful and rich with features as any other word processor out there. But also because it is quite powerful, with rich features.

However, to fully enjoy the web application, you need to use Google’s Chrome browser. Not that other browsers will not do, but Google Doc was designed from the ground-up to run best on Chrome. And by default, some elements of Google Docs can run offline on the Chrome browser, which is something you cannot get on any other browser.

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Speaking of which, if you would like to use Google Doc offline. You will discover that is not entirely possible. You might keep using the web app offline if your internet connection end mid-way after starting using the app. However, if you boot up your computer and try using the web app without any internet connection. You will realize it is quite a hassle.

That is unless you are using this official Google Chrome extension we are going to share with you down there. This extension not only lets you use Google Docs offline but also Sheets, Slides, and Drive. Unfortunately, it does not support Forms offline.

You can install the Chrome extension from this link. Upon installing it, you will find a new setting in each of the Google web apps letting you enable offline use. Once you enable offline mode in any of the apps, it automatically becomes enabled for all the apps.

Now go to Settings on one of the apps; in this example, we will be using Google Docs.How to use Google Docs completely offlineHow to use Google Docs completely offline

In a bid to save space on your local storage, Google Docs will just save the recently accessed files locally for offline use. To delete them from offline storage, you will have to click on the three dots on each side of the given document and then toggle the Available Offline option.

Files available offline will have a greyish check mark at the bottom left corner. That applies for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. When you open the file and it is still in offline mode, it will have a lightning icon at the top right.

With offline mode enabled, you can create new, open old, and edit Docs, Sheets, and Slides without an internet connection. The next time your computer gets connected to the internet, it will sync with Google Drive (Google’s servers). That way, anything you do offline will be stored on the cloud.

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