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How to use Instagram for Marketing – 5 Powerful Tips


Instagram has gradually emerged as the best place to go to when it comes to marketing oneself as an individual, brand or organization. With an array of all kinds of different accounts on the platform, Instagram has also managed to become one of the biggest marketplaces online. Whether you talk about fashion merchandise, home products or even services and media catering to different domains, Instagram has become the breeding hub for all today.

At the same time, Instagram is also the right place to market your services, products, blogs or websites and so on. This is because the platform enjoys wide usage on a global scale. As such, you can expect large pools of audiences for whatever niche you choose to work with, provided you have done some basic research about it beforehand. When looking to make a successful presence on the platform, Instagram marketing can prove helpful. It involves both technical understanding and the right strategy for the best results.

We have tried making this task easier for you by penning down 5 powerful tips on how to use Instagram for marketing. Let us get started with the basics first.

Instagram Marketing: What are the Tools at Hand?

The first and most important tool you have at hand is your profile itself. Stop thinking of your profile as just another page on the social networking website and start treating it as your brand’s identity. Everything, right from the colour scheme to the tone, the bio to the profile picture, the graphics to the content is going to have an impact on the viewer and audiences.

Next, Instagram has its bag of interesting features for you to pick from, such as stories, hashtags, location and so on. You also have the option of switching to a business account, using helpful insights and promotional activity available on Instagram and other free tools to gauge your performance so far.

Now that we are done understanding the basics, let us move on to 5 powerful tips that can help you use Instagram for marketing.

Use a Business Account take your game up

Switching to a business account has more benefits than you can think of. Firstly, it helps you target specific audiences with the help of tools such as paid promotions. Besides, it helps you monitor your performance continuously through various free initiatives and insights. You get to understand how your content is performing across demographics and other user types.

You can also benefit from the professionalism a business account promises to users, with information on what category your profile falls into, information on any website or walk-in store/facility and location details. All of this make your profile come across as much more professional, helping you gain active Instagram followers.

Use Sponsored Advertisement Campaigns

Investing some money and time into campaigns that can help you see better results is always a good idea. Luckily, there are few ways to do this right. Investing in sponsored advertisement campaigns on Instagram is one such way.

Using this feature, you can power your posts and content to appear in more diverse feeds across users on Instagram, who see your content if it is relevant to them even if they don’t follow or stalk you. This increases viewership and hence the interest.

Besides, you can also think of investing in sites to buy Instagram followers and likes. This is a great way of powering your Instagram account through the stiff competition on the platform by getting automatic likes and followers added to your account from real people. These web services take care to consider your genre and offer only real and safe accounts to interact with yours. This too is a great way of reinforcing engagement and hence greater visibility for your account.

Craft interesting Instagram Stories

Sure, you can buy Instagram followers, but once they’re on your platform. You need stellar content to keep them entertained and engaging with you; the like, comments, and shares. Instagram stories are a fun way of making news, announcements, updates and facts reach audiences much faster and easier. People may or may not scroll down the array of posts on their feed to come across your content, but posting stories often ensure they see you on the top of their screens from time to time.

At the same time, stories are an interesting way to market a new service, announce a product launch or invite people to a contest or event.

Collaborate with Brands/Influencers

One of the simplest yet most effective tricks to have up your sleeve is a regular collaboration with brands and influencers to market your content. What you need to understand is that these influencers have a much wider reach, possibly even more than yours.

Besides, people look up to them for inspiration, especially in the fields of fashion, travel, lifestyle and so on. Therefore, if you can think of accommodating your products or services with the tag of these influencers, it will prove quite beneficial for your account in both the short and long run.

Make your Audience feel valued

It is very important for you to not just study your target audience and niche well but also make them feel valued and important. This will help them stay loyal to you in the long run as well. Looking at this point from the perspective of Instagram marketing, regular contests, giveaways, interactive sessions and so on prove to help.

At the same time, use your content marketing strategies to power your content through the audience pools. This will help you assess what tone, language and expressions to use, what kind of visuals and data to present and so on.


That Instagram is a great marketplace cannot be doubted at all. There are reasons people throng multiple web services to buy Instagram likes so often. The more viral a content and the higher following a profile has, the more likely it is to register success above and beyond its efforts. For this, it is very important to know how to use Instagram for marketing the right way.

Besides knowing the right marketing hacks and tips, it is also important to lay equal focus on the numbers. We would recommend you to buy active Instagram followers, which serves both the purposes. It helps you not only in securing higher numbers to make your account look credible and great but also helps indirectly in increasing engagement with your content through genuine, active users of Instagram.

Therefore, when looking to use Instagram for making profits in the commercial sphere, do make it a point to analyse and adopt these strategies we have recommended to you. Also, let us know how you have fared in the game after putting them to use.

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