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How to Use Snapchat for Promoting Your Business and Brand

by Fahad Saleem

Snapchat is the future of social media. According to eMarketer, Snapchat surpassed the growth rate as compared to its rivals, including Facebook and Instagram this year. It is being used by over 150 million people daily, the majority of which is teens and people under 30. It is key to ad dollars. Major companies are using Snapchat’s discover tab to promote their brands.  Here is how you can use Snapchat for business, ads and making money.

Before we proceed, remember that Snapchat is like no other social media platform. It has an ephemeral model, which means the ‘snaps’ will remain there until the audience have seen it, and they will disappear with the time. There is a Snapchat ‘Story’ feature as well, but it also has a time limit.

Don’t Act Like a Business

The best thing to do while using Snapchat for business is not to act as a business. You must share content regularly which is interesting for people. As Snapchat stories have a time limit of 10 seconds at most, the best you can do is to “tease” the potential customers about your product, brand and services.

How to Analyze Promotion and User Engagement on Snapchat

On Snapchat, it’s hard to gauge and analyze data, unlike Facebook, Google and Twitter, which have provided full-fledged tools based on graphs and data to let businesses see how their content is performing. In Snapchat, you can’t see followers; you can only see a score which is based on the people who follow you. You can, however, use the retention rate, which is the measure of the time for which people stay on each frame of your stories. You can also see the percentage of the audience which ejected and never came back after your first snap. This would help in determining the quality and traction of your stories.


In order to see the views and engagements on your stories, you have to act quickly, because of another limitation of Snapchat. The data about views and all the details of audience engagement goes off-grid exactly after 24 hours, thanks to the ephemeral model of the app. You can use the views & engagements on the “Stories” screen and see the number of views your videos got.

Tricks Actually Promote your Products on Snapchat

Make quick snaps and stories of what your business does, your workspace, your ideas and upload them. For example, if you in a garments business, wear the best T-shirt or the garment you product and snap it, or make a model wear it and upload a video of them. Or, if you are running a blog, upload snap or a video of a funny content (preferably video) running on a screen of a laptop or a mobile device. Always make sure to move that camera towards your face and speak. Talk about advices, experiences or jokes you have. Keep doing it. This is the only way to increase followers and popularity on Snapchat, which helps down the road for the promotion of your business.

Add Variety, Use Filters, Add Emojis and Doodles

Variety is the key on Snapchat. There are tons of features of Snapchat: emojis, stills, videos, Doodles, muted videos, videos with sound. You must use all of these features. You should also target different age groups and mix fun, humor, professional vibe and life’s problems. You should change filters on Snapchat to give a different look to your Snaps.

Snaps from Different Locations

Snapchat users love to hear from different locations around the world. It’s preferable that you tell your friends or business partners located in different countries to snap on your account with exciting events and updates. This would give a positive outlook to your business account and people will feel you have a global presence.

Always Keep it Short

Always keep your videos under 60 seconds. Several studies have proved that snaps under 60 seconds are the most popular.

60 Seconds Roundups

The concept of giving a roundup in 60 seconds is insanely useful and fruitful on Snapchat. Whatever your business niche is, craft a 60 second roundup newsjack update. It will hook the viewers. Quickly tell news, updates, show products or compare prices and brands in 60 seconds.

Direct Messages, Snaps

Always send direct snaps to your followers. Your stories will go away in a specified time. Sending a direct snap is the best way to make a connection. It will also invoke a feedback and comments, since there are no comment boxes on Snapchat.

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