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How to Use Social Media to Search and Get Your Dream Job: Effective Tips and Tricks

by Fahad Saleem

You thought social media is just for fun and leisure time? Think again. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 survey, more than 77% of the organizations, companies related to multifarious domains use social media, networking websites to hire. If you are looking for your dream job, it’s high time to understand that your social media profile, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn, is your living resume, recruiters are emphtically searching for a good talent on social media.  Here’s how you can effectively use social media for getting a dream job.

Get Your Dream Job Using Social Media

Don’t Limit Yourself to LinkedIn

I think anyone with a scarce knowledge about internet job hunting and contemporary market is aware of the importance of LinkedIn. We have covered the importance of LinkedIn and how to hunt jobs on LinkedIn on our website abundantly. But the biggest mistake you could do in the multi-pronged world of today is to put all your eggs in one basket. LinkedIn is not the only jobs website in town. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Google+ is not only to watch cat videos and post shitty selfies. You must streamline all your social media profiles professionally. I am not saying that your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles must be full of boring, professional looking stuff. You should just post relevant material related to your professional skill from time to time.

Facebook Groups and Communities: A Key in Job Search

Facebook Groups and Pages is a key is searching a job on social media. Groups are closed communities, which means small pool of potential candidates and more chances of getting hired. All companies, famous personalities have Facebook groups. You must join them. You can easily search for groups using Facebook search.

Video CV: Enough to Stand Out

Most of the people do not have a profile on YouTube. If they have, they post nothing on it except some funny videos, shots from their travel etc. There is a new thing in town which recruiters love: a video CV. Yes! A short 1-2 minute video introduction about you, in which you have a chance to impress the recruiter not only by your speaking, confidence, but also with your ability to crunch all your experience description in a minute. You must have a short YouTube video ready to present yourself online.

Self Branding and Publishing

If you were to ask one thing which is the key in the modern online, social media job recruitment ecosystem, my answer would be personal branding. You must be present everywhere. Self-publishing websites like Medium,, and some other micro-blogging websites have made it super easy to turn a name in a brand. You must publish, write, take part in online communities and groups. These activities have lead people to their dream careers. Trust me, if you are present in online communities, and smartly pitching your skills, you will be cherry picked very soon. You must be searchable on Google. A recruiter should find no hassle in searching and finding a quick info about you. Your online presence leaves an outstanding impression of yours on recruiters.

Use Twitter Effectively to Search Jobs

You must use hashtags to search jobs on Twitter. Almost all the companies post updates on their Twitter accounts if they are hiring. So if you looking for writing jobs, just type #writingjobs, or #jobs and you will start getting relevant results. Follow all relevant people, company HR accounts, communities. You must tweet and try to garner as many followers as you can. A profile with a large number of followers is surely enough to make you stand out. Don’t retweet much. Have your own say on Twitter. Post things which are unique, your own experiences and your mind and people will love it. Uniqueness is invaluable in the modern world.

Now, the next time you are on your favorite social media platform, maybe you will use it more to find a new job than trolling and cyber stalking.

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