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How to Use Tech and the Intranet to Your Businesses’ Advantage in 2020


2020 has put many businesses in crisis, whether they are new companies or long-running ventures. Whether you are planning to start a company in the wake of the pandemic, or are looking for ways to stay afloat, there are many methods in which the intranet can be used to your business’s advantage throughout the rest of the year and into 2021. This article will cover some of the top ways that the intranet can help your venture to survive.

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Allow Employees to Work from Home

Many businesses around the globe decided to shut their office buildings at the start of the pandemic, and some entrepreneurs have now decided to allow their employees to work from home permanently. However, the main barrier toward working from home is your staff’s ability to communicate with each other and understand what is happening in your company when they are working in different locations. Click here to find out more about what intranet software can do for your company, including the ability to create an office culture no matter how your team is operating.

Create an Online Store

To ensure that you can utilize technology to increase your sales, you should create an online store with an established e-commerce platform. One of the key problems for businesses in light of the pandemic is the reduced amount of footfall that physical stores are receiving and the drop in retail sales worldwide. However, by creating an online store, you will be able to connect with a wider target audience and allow your cash flow to remain stable no matter what the state of the high street is. By using the intranet in line with your online store, you can monitor how many sales your employees are making per day, as well as allow them to contact you with any issues surrounding your company’s retail experience. Not only this but to ensure that your online store is successful, departments such as marketing and IT need to communicate to solve any problems that arise and to drive customers to your business.

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Use Video and Digital Marketing

If you have an online store, or even if you remain wholly brick-and-mortar, it is paramount that you use the internet and technology to create extensive digital marketing campaigns. For instance, the latest tech tool that is enhancing marketing drives and encouraging shoppers is video content marketing. If you are planning to establish a digital marketing campaign in 2020, the intranet can help you to do this. Since several different departments often handle marketing drives, the intranet can help your team to stay connected and to enable them to create a cohesive campaign.

2020 has been a difficult year for every business, and yet it can be made marginally better through the use of the latest intranet software. The pandemic has driven a lot of tech trends in the past months, such as the development of the intranet, and it is likely to influence many more by the time that it is over. By ensuring that you can harness the intranet, you can help your business to overcome these trying times.

AWIT Presents Virtual Conference on The Digital Society | July 3-4

AWIT Presents Virtual Conference on The Digital Society | July 3-4

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