How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously and Download Them Automatically

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously and Download Them Automatically

Our lives are increasingly dependent on online digital platforms, with social media being the leading digital platform for people to interact with family and friends. These days people spend more on mobile data and fixed broadband than the conventional talk time credit for cellular phone calls. The clout around social media has attracted businesses onto the platforms, like how lions are drawn to water-drinking holes down in the Serengeti in order to pounce at the impalas that flock the place to quench their thirst.

Social media plays a different yet critical role for each party enlisted on the platform. For the individual (the target end consumer) it is often a place to keep in touch with friends and families. For businesses, it is a place to market their wares to the end consumers.

When it comes to Glam, Instagram Towers the Rest

Speaking of business, the industry is often a cut-throat affair. Where one must constantly gather the prevailing market intelligence or risk being buried alive by the competition. Instagram for one, has proven to one social media platform where all the businesses come to put their well-polished and shiny feet forward. Posts are made on the platform with pictures and videos that have been ‘air-brushed,’ filters applied, and captivating soundtracks and video effects applied.

As a prudent business, it is imperative that you adopt the cutting-edge techniques in the market when it comes to posting your wares on Instagram. Sometimes that calls for eavesdropping and even ‘lovingly’ stealing ideas from your competition, and even other players not in your industry but seem to be having good marketing run on Instagram.

How Never to be Caught Stealing Ideas from others on Instagram

We all wish to be the most creative individuals in any room. Sometimes, those wishes are imaginary horses that beggars will never ever ride. So we do what we have to do; steal other people’s ideas on Instagram. If you are going to do it, you might as well do it the smart way of never getting caught.

Introduction the InstaSpy, a web-based tool that enables you to not only view Instagram stories anonymously but can also download them for later and offline re-viewing. Yes, that is right, you can view all your competitors’ Instagram stories postings and they will never get to know you viewed them.

Well, there are plenty of tools out there on the internet that can do the same, right? InstaSpy goes a notch higher by automating the whole process of downloading the Instagram stories. Here is what you do:

Sign up for an account, connect your preferred cloud storage platform (Google Drive or Dropbox), or you can have it sent directly to your Telegram or Slack account. There is also the option of having the Instagram stories downloaded directly to your dashboard. In a nutshell, this tool removes the need of manual story savings.

What InstaSpy has to offer

Well, this tool is not just for businesses looking to spy on their competition. Individuals too that want to view their friends’ or family’s posts on Instagram stories without being noticed can do it anonymously using this tool.

For both businesses and individuals, you will be glad to know this tool downloads Instagram stories automatically. It then saves new Instagram stories to the cloud storage automatically of your choice: Dropbox, Google Drive, Telegram or your dashboard. You can download stories from multiple Instagram accounts as this tool supports several monitored Instagram accounts.

So whether you are spying on someone, or conducting corporate espionage on Instagram, the InstaSpy online tool has got you covered. That is if anonymity and automation are something you value.

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