How to watch Free TV and Movies on Roku Channel online on your Browser (No Roku required)

roku channel

Looking to kill some time? How about you go online and watch tons of movies and TV for free on the Roku Channel? Don’t have the Roku dongle? Hardly a problem, read ahead for pro tip on how to watch Free TV and Movies on Roku Channel on your browser without the Roku device.

But first, let us start by a trip down the memory lane. There was a time Hulu was the go-to-platform for people who want to stream movies and TV online but don’t want to pay for the premium package. Content on Hulu was all free, but your viewership was interrupted by all manner of ads.

Well, Roku Channel sort of resembles Hulu, but you will have to sign up for an account. With Hulu, you didn’t need an account to start streaming stuff. The Roku Channel – it could be better given it has a limited amount of content therein – comes with a decent selection of movies and series. Including the Matrix movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Kitchen Nightmares among others. There is no doubt you are bound to find a couple of things you will want to watch, albeit not so much.

There is nothing really for free, and if you are going to be streaming Roku Channel off your browser, you will have to be okay watching ads from time to time. To watch the free Roku Channel, go to open your browser and type in The service is not available to limited to a select number of regions in the world.

It would be interesting if Roku decided to expand to other platforms, particularly on Apple TV.

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