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How to watch Instagram stories anonymously and download them


Do you have a special anonymous account on Instagram to watch stories without revealing your name? There is a better method that doesn’t require registering a new profile and switching accounts every time you need to check on someone’s story. If you want to view a story of a person who blocked you or remain anonymous, use an Instagram story viewer.

These web-based services don’t require a login to your IG account, so you view the media file in a browser. What is more, you can apply it on mobile and desktop. Let’s review how these services work and how you can download any story that is posted from a public account.

What do you need to do to watch Instagram stories anonymously?

There are many web tools that allow you to hide your name while watching someone’s stories. Nevertheless, the primary condition to watching stories this way is:

  1. You can only view stories of users whose profiles are public. In case a user adjusted privacy for the IG account, only followers can view stories and only through the app. If you need to watch a story of a person, perform these steps below.
  2. Firstly, you need to copy a link to an account. Some services require not a URL but a nickname on Instagram. You can copy this data from the app or IG desktop. Be attentive because if you make a mistake, the service won’t find this account.
  3. Secondly, paste this link or the name of a user into a web story viewer. As I mentioned, you can find a multitude of tools online, but it’s preferable to use trusted ones. Some of them allow you to view stories for free just several times. After, they might require registration or charge a fee.
  4. As soon as the account is found, you will see all the stories a user uploaded within 24 hours. It’s impossible to view older stories, but sometimes you can also view Highlights. Nevertheless, if you need not miss any single story a user publishes, you can track the updates with some services. For example, if a user posts a story and doesn’t see it in 24 hours, it appears in a service’s dashboard. It will be available there even after it disappears from the Instagram app.

As you see, when you watch stories with the help of such third-party tools, no one can tell you viewed them. This happens because they are opened as media files without sign in to your account.

Can you download stories of other users on Instagram?

The answer is yes. But obviously, it’s impossible to save them from the app. When applying the IG app, you can only download stories from your own archive. Although story viewers for Instagram are after combined with download functionality because they convert a story into a simple media file.

Such functions are often paid if you need to download many content pieces. But usually, it’s allowed to download one file as a trial. If you find a service with the function of stories tracking, you can usually download some of them or all of them in bulk. If you choose multiple stories for downloading, they appear on your device as an archive.

What are the steps when downloading stories from Instagram from other profiles?

  1. Copy a URL of the account you are aimed to download stories.
  2. Paste and find the stories you need on your device.
  3. Find these clips or images in original quality.

Here is how you can re-purpose Instagram stories of other users:

  1. Download them for personal use offline. If some IG coaches share precious information on stories sessions, you can have it on your device forever, even after it disappears from the application. Some services also allow you to download Lives.
  2. Save the reviews your clients leave on Instagram. If you sell something on IG, you know that reviews from real clients can help you sell more than ads. When customers publish their insights about your goods in stories, you can later use these media files to share outside IG. For instance, you may post them on a webpage or blog, share them in the FB community, or in a private chat with your clients. Also, you can download them to post in the IG feed and use them as an ad creative.
  3. Use this content for your account. Yes, it’s legal to reuse media on IG, but you need to ask the author. For example, if you manage a feature account, you may use media that some influencers post on their accounts.


A requirement to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously on such platforms as the one mentioned above or any other, is that the subject IG account needs to be public. If that condition is met, then you can view all the Instagram stories you want on any public IG account and never have your identity revealed.

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