How to watch Netflix USA if you’re living in another country using a Free VPN

Viewers living in the United States have access to all full library of content Netflix has to offer. However, users outside of the country don’t get access to this entire library, some are restricted to just Netflix USA.

Obviously, it sucks that people outside the US get limited access to the full Netflix library. But before you point an accusing finger at Netflix, put in mind that many countries have different censorship policy from the US. Sometimes it is not Netflix denying you access, but your resident country banning some of its shows and the company complies by not availing them to you.

Nonetheless, the heart wants what it wants, regardless of what our dictatorial, totalitarian, authoritarian, and out-of-fashion government says. So we are going to share with you a simple trick to watch Netflix USA content using a free VPN.

Up to until recent year, you could simply install a VPN and access Netflix USA from anywhere around the world. Since the VPN will mask your real location, and prevent your resident country’s government, through the ISP, from tracking your online activities. Thereby you overcoming their censorships.

However, Netflix introduced a new security system that barred users from accessing its content via VPN services. Nonetheless, there is a handful of super VPNs that can by-pass these new “Netflix security gates”, but most are quite expensive.

One of the best free VPNs that seem to bypass the Netflix restrictions is the Opera VPN and is available for use at zero cost. So if you really want to watch Netflix USA and don’t want to pay money doing so. Opera VPN is the solution.

Download Opera Browser on your computer if you don’t already have it. Then install it.

Launch the browser and go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > VPN.

Enable the VPN and a little VPN icon will display beside the address bar.

Click the VPN icon and select the country you want to access. You will have three options; the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

After selecting a region, now turn on the VPN

Voila, you can go to Netflix website and watch all your TV Shows and Movies from Netflix USA.

The pains of using Opera VPN

Like we mentioned earlier, Opera VPN works on a broad geographical area (the Americas, Europe, and Asia) so you might need a couple of tries before locking down to an area where Netflix USA shows are aired.

Alternatively, you may go for a premium VPN with servers based not on regions like the Opera VPN but countries. That way, it would be easier to select a country where you know you can access the Netflix USA contents. So, we hope this article answers your question on how to watch Netflix in another country.

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