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How to Write a Technical Cover Letter Like an Expert


Observing the rise in the information technology industry, many people have set it as an aim to get hired as a technical professional. In fact, computer and IT jobs in the United States are nowadays expected to grow by not less than 13%. Students of related spheres and those who are still continuing their education programs will very soon face this opportunity to apply for a job and its success will highly depend on the CV and cover letters.

When it comes to writing cover letters as a part of an application process, however not compulsory for all positions, young people often get puzzled. Knowing how to craft a good cover letter is vital, and beginners can start by using the help of a well-trusted academic writing service, for instance,, and later, try to model the cover letter by themselves (which would be a great kind of practice). To make things clear and show the way to writing an impressive and authentic cover letter to help you be chosen for the dream IT job, we have selected a few prompts that will guide you through this exciting life-changing process. 

Golden Prompts to Write a Technical Cover Letter

Now, before you start revising the standard pieces of advice remembered from school, college, or university, we want to convey one simple truth to you, – writing an average. ‘grey’ cover letter that sounds okay will not do. It must be … well, exceptional.

Cover letters are a special kind of document that allows you in a unique way open up both your personality and professional features. So, tell your mind that is, perhaps, struggling right now to recollect the basics of cover letter writing, to rest and think of some awesome pieces of information that you would want to include. 

While you digest this idea, we might help you revive those ‘pieces’ through the following prompts for writing a technical cover letter. 

Fit your cover letter to a specific position.



If you still think that a single cover letter will do for the 15 job positions you’re considering right now, then you’re fatally wrong. One cover letter should be exactly targeted to a certain job position, revealing your desire to work in this place and providing the accomplishments that will matter here. Otherwise, your letter will look as if you were just trying your luck.

Show your dreams and passions.

A set of accomplishments, either academic or professional, aren’t enough to persuade the reader that you’re the one they need for this job. There should be something more. Something that would tell them: ‘This person is head over heels in love with technology!’ So, do not be afraid to express your ambitions, say who you are dreaming to become in a few years and how the company fits into your personal worldview. 

Put a strong emphasis on accomplishments + what they mean for you.

Even if these things might seem small for large-scale companies but they have given you a lot of takeaway experience, values, and knowledge, be sure to mention them. Still, it’s not desired to repeat the same achievements that you have already written in the CV. Completing a course, taking part in a student exchange program, winning IT competitions, – all of this matters!

Try to be concise. 

If school or college ever made you adopt the habit of ‘pouring water’, do everything that you can to give it up. At least, when applying with a cover letter. Just control yourself and make sure you don’t include too many words for conveying the same ideas. Being laconic is valued by employers!

Don’t freeze up for professional writing services.

For both beginners and experienced writers, getting help never means that you can’t write well enough. A serious task like creating a cover letter for technical or IT jobs requires someone who has a feeling for crafting such papers, so perceive it as a chance to gain more prompts and get corrected. On CustomWritings, one of the most reliable services in the whole world, you will get all of this at a reasonable price and will be able to use this sample for further application.

Make your end paragraph strong.

Today it’s time you forgot the boring traditional phrases for closing essays, – very often, they carry no meaning but just make the letter average. You will. probably, not want the reader to see you as a passive human who doesn’t show initiative, so it will be better to use phrases like ‘I would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss …’ End with a positive tone, hopeful notes, believing that your potential will be seen, no matter how many years of experience you have got.

Have an adequate evaluation of yourself.

Psychologists say that the way you see yourself greatly influences the way other people relate to you. So, try to always think of yourself like a worthy person, not underestimating the knowledge and skills that might be a real treasure for the company. 

Follow these tips, listen to the experts’ opinions, work hard at your application letter, and you will reap the benefits! And, don’t forget to customize each cover letter to a specific position (hopefully, you’re not applying for too many jobs) and make it sound confident. As you do it all right, your technical cover letter will be a success.

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