How You Can Help Your Kids Stay On Top Of Their Schoolwork

How You Can Help Your Kids Stay On Top Of Their Schoolwork

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As parents, we can see our kids struggling to deal with all the work they are given. It can sometimes feel unfair. However, the world has become so much more competitive than we realize. Our schools prepare our kids to face the world of today, with modern pressures and struggles.

Kids today spend more time inside the house than ever before. However, your kid shouldn’t have to spend the majority of their time indoors, even with COVID restrictions. There is a healthy way to balance out life and studies, and there are better and faster ways to study. So how can you give your child a little more freedom? Let’s take a look.

Make a Schedule

If your child is struggling to meet deadlines repeatedly, they might be facing time management problems. An easy way around their issue would be to help them make a schedule and plan their weeks. You can buy planners off the internet or just write them down in a reserved notebook. However, printed planners help keep everything organized.

Show them how to write down their classes, make to-do lists, and set aside time to do homework. To keep them motivated to stick to the schedule, you can keep checks on them and reward them periodically. This exercise can help build the habit of being organized, keep to a plan, and be prompt, which are all excellent life skills.

Use Resources

With pandemic restrictions leading to a rise in online teaching, your kid may be feeling a little like a fish out of water. The familiarity of school is gone, but they still have to learn and put in the work. This is an excellent time to step in and help their education by providing extra tutoring and other kinds of support.

If you have a tight schedule, you can look at reliable online homework helper options. If your child’s friends are supportive, you can even speak to their parents to arrange an online or in-person study group for a few months till everyone feels more stable and supported.

Multimedia Learning Options

Multimedia learning has been an immense boon in the midst of this crisis, especially for students who learn better aurally or visually. Multimedia has several benefits, including better retention and faster comprehension. You can use this time to give your child a boost in their studies by researching age-appropriate multimedia educational tools.

These educational tools are available as both paid services or free resources. With the rise in social media apps like Tiktok and websites like Youtube, there are several highly qualified educators out there who regularly post great ideas for you to try. There are accounts aimed at children themselves too, so if you allow your child on social media, you can use it to teach them some cool things!

Exercise and Outdoor Time

Studies have shown that people who exercise for approximately 30 minutes at least three times a week tend to have better grades than those who don’t. This is because exercise has a lot of benefits, one of the most prominent is that it makes your kid tired enough to have a deep night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep equals better concentration and better grades.

Spending time outdoors is also essential. While too much sun exposure can be dangerous, your kids need to see the outside and be in the sunlight for a while. Spending time away from screens in fresh air is refreshing and can help reduce stress. When you’re making their schedule, you can explain to them why you’re putting aside time for this.

Don’t Be Strict

As parents, it is our job to set boundaries and limitations on our kids. They’ll have lots of friends in life, but only a few parents. Thus, it is necessary to be strict about doing homework every day, not spending too much time on the laptop, studying for a certain amount of hours, etc. However, they are kids, and kids also deserve to blow off responsibilities sometimes.

If they’ve had an awful day, let them take the night off homework. Spread the homework as small extra additions in their scheduled homework time for the next few days to stick to their schedule. If you have tutors, give them surprise days off and spend the hours with your kids doing something fun. Between all the pressure of doing schoolwork, finishing homework, studying, getting excellent grades, and doing extracurriculars – don’t forget to make memories!

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