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HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE, More Than Just a Laptop

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE, More Than Just a Laptop

If you were looking for a laptop with touch screen, high contrast HD screen, 1Tb of hard disk and Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics, stop reading reviews; go buy this baby. But if you were impressed by the sound of Leap Motion in it, I suggest you wait for a better one.


Display                  17.3

Resolution          1920 x 1080

Processor            Intel Core i7-4702MQ

Processor Speed Standard           2.2GHz

Memory (RAM)                12

Graphics              Nvidia GeForce GT 750M

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)    1TB

Weight (With Battery)   3.4kg

Dimensions Width           416

Depth   334

Leap Motion:


It’s the first laptop of its kind because it’s the first laptop with Leap Motion (no matter how terrible that is). What it means is that basically you can use mid-air gestures to perform different functions. While it looks pretty cool to be doing magic tricks with your hands, you get tired very fast because apparently the two cameras, three LEDs and the wrist-rest aren’t good enough to track your hands accurately. While it does have the functionality to track your face, hands and all ten fingers at a time, it lack accuracy. Works fine with some apps like Google Earth and The New York Times but isn’t very fast and accurate when it comes to playing games. It comes with three built in games and none of them works perfect with Leap Motion.

Look and Design:

Ignoring the Leap Motion, you still get the worth of your money. The look and design is appealing. It is covered in Aluminum and where is isn’t, that would be black plastic, giving it a smart and neat look. The text on it is thinner than most which looks modern, corners are neatly rounded and give an overall thin look to the laptop. Material used is all expensive and high quality, the screen can endeavor shocks, the wrist-rest doesn’t collapse even by hard pushing and weight is not bad for a 17 inch machine.

Audio and communications:

You can see speakers with Beats logo on them. It has two subwoofers as well and produces enough sound for your living room party. The dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi is a single-aerial card, along with Bluetooth 4.0, 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI.

Display and Touchscreen:

Touchscreen 1,920 x 1,080 works beyond just fine, it’s fast, it’s smooth and it’s accurate. You get a full HD 17.3 inch bright screen with no resolution scaling issues. The 236 nit and 0.32 nit brightness and black levels make it as great for movies as it is for gaming. The color temperature of 7,558K is however a disappointment with all those HD graphics. Never mind because it still looks great.

Price: $1,549.99 Buy from HP.

Fahad Saleem

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