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Huawei G-Power With #PowerOfSharing Launched On Jumia Nigeria

by Felix Omondi
Huawei G-Power With Power Sharing Launched On Jumia Nigeria | #PowerOfSharing

What is the number one shot coming smartphone users experience? More often than not, it is the problem of your battery running flat before the day ends. Given you left the house in the morning with it fully charged.

China’s giant OEM Huawei wants to eliminate this problem for the Nigerian users. Huawei has launched the G-Power, a smartphone with a big battery capacity that will not only take you through your entire day (and even more) on a single charge but will also enable you to charge other devices.

As it works out, Huawei G-Power is smartphone cum power bank. On its own the phone will provide you with an extended period of usage on per single charge. You can stream for up to 18 hours before running to the power outlet on the wall to recharge.

If you have an additional device on the side that is not powered by the Huawei G-Power, chances are it is going to run out of battery sooner. Here is where the Huawei G-Power’s #PowerOfSharing comes to your rescue like a knight in a shiny USB-armor. Fitted with reverse charging capability, this phone will charge your other phone via a USB connection.Huawei G-Power With Power Sharing Launched On Jumia Nigeria | #PowerOfSharing

Quick Review of the Huawei G-Power smartphone

The Huawei G-Power is a pretty decent mid-level smartphone, but one thing that conspicuously stands out about this phone is the battery. It is powered by a 4,000mAh battery that can keep the device powered for 24 hours on a single charge with just a 10% charge. On a single full charge, you can get up to 113 hours of music and 18 hours of video playback, 39 hours of call time and 15 hours of uninterrupted Internet browsing.

If your battery ever runs flat and you do not have much time on your hands for a full recharge. If you allow the phone to charge for just 10 minutes that will keep you powered for up to three hours.Huawei G-Power With Power Sharing Launched On Jumia Nigeria | #PowerOfSharing

For you Instagram and paparazzi-fetish, the Huawei G-Power gives you a 13MP rear- and 5MP front-camera. For your multitasking and the need for speed, this phone provides you with a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and a 2GB RAM, which should be more than enough to play heavy mobile games or open multiple apps simultaneously.

The phone is currently available in Nigeria at the online marketplace Jumia. For more information or to buy the phone from Jumia Nigeria site, click here.

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