Huawei launches mobile Digital Assistant Kirin 970 to take on Google Now, Siri, Bixby, and Alexa

huawei kirin 970 ai digital assistant

China’s tech giant Huawei has launched its first mobile personal digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence technology. Huawei launched its digital assistant application in Berlin, and it hopes it will compete well, or even perhaps outdo others like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Echo, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

During the 2017 IFA Electronics fair, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group said, “Smartphones are smart, but they are not intelligent enough.”

The new AI-powered digital assistant dubbed Kirin 970, and Yu says it will respond to three questions:

Ø Where is the user?

Ø Who are they?

Ø What are they doing?

Yu says Kirin 970 has been designed an answer “the most important combination” of questions. “You ask your personal assistant what’s the weather in Berlin. But in-device AI already knows that you’re in Berlin, on a work assignment, on your way to a meeting, and if you’re waiting outside or if you’re already inside the car.”

Big tech companies have invested vast sums of money in getting software help machines mimic human-like intelligence. Then they use that intelligence to serve the needs of humans as a digital personal assistant powered by artificial technology.

Smartphones and other electronic gadgets are increasingly incorporating artificial intelligence technology into their systems. Therefore, they easily make some of the best platforms for digital assistants as they are readily accessed by many people multiple times per day, as people take tag them virtually everywhere they go. Experts argue that AI-powered technology is set to become more pervasive and more intertwined into our day-to-day lives.

How is Kirin 970 different from the other AI-powered Digital Assistant?

One thing is for certain, the digital assistant space is already crowded. Even if the goal is to spoil users of choice, the space is definitely getting too crowded; it is saturated. So the one question on most people’s mind, is why they should use Huawei’s Kirin 970?

Well, for one, Huawei says Kirin 970 unlike other digital assistants that collect your data and store them in the cloud, it processes all your data locally (on the phone).

Huawei plans to launch the Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro on October 16 in Munich. That was confirmed by Yu, although he declined to give details on the features to expect. Yu says Kirin 970 will entice users based on its speed and low power consumption giving it an edge over Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby among other virtual assistants.

Compared with Samsung and Apple, we have advantages. Users are in for much faster (feature) performance, longer battery life, and more compact design,” said Yu.

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