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Huawei pledges $1 Billion to Digitization of Africa Telecommunication space

by Milicent Atieno

China’s giant ICT solutions provider, Huawei, has reiterated the need for African telecom operators to appreciate the Digital Operations Transformation as it leads to long-term strategic value for both the telecom companies and their customers.

The company then went further to pledge $1 billion over the next three years, which it will invest in various digitization processes in the telecommunication space in Africa. Huawei says the upgrading and digitization of the telecom space in Africa will expedite the development of profitable businesses and technical capabilities.

Huawei says it can already bear testimony on the value of Research and Development (R&D) in the supply chain and delivery. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer Global Services, Steven Zheng, said at the recent AfricaCom 2017 conference that ran between November 7-9, 2017. Steven said:

As global voice revenue and growth is declining, data and digital services are now driving revenue growth; digital operations transformation is crucial for operators’ business growth and evolution and digital operation transformation must return to the commercial nature, what specific problems to be solved and what value to be delivered.”

With its digitization drive, Huawei has identified three key elements for Digital Operations Transformation:

A set of industry-based best practices and methodologies

Open industry reference models

A series of executable targets

Operators can maximize value and efficiency through digitization and as Huawei, we are ready to partner with our customers and third-party partners to walk this journey of digital transformation together.”

Huawei believes it has already developed a model of very effective digital transformation and solutions that can help operators. The Huawei methodologies are big on releasing network value, building loyalty among customers, and accelerate digital operation transformation while optimizing the operational efficiencies.

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