Huawei remains bullish as World’s Second Largest Smartphone Vendor despite the Google Play Store eviction

Huawei remains bullish as World’s Second Largest Smartphone Vendor despite the Google Play Store eviction

Chinese companies have found themselves in bare-knuckle fights with the Trump administration, and in this year’s Q2, Huawei was nuked by the United States (US) following a Trump directive instructing Google to kick out the Chinese telecommunication giant out of its Play Store.

Well, the market stats are in; people were waiting to see if Trump could successfully obliterate the Chinese tech behemoth. If the stats are anything to go by, the Trump directive might have put a dent in Huawei global ranking, certainly made business nearly impossible in North America and Western Europe, but the company has remained bullish.

Huawei is still the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world. A position many thought it will most likely lose to the American company Apple. Huawei was caught in the middle of the US-China trade wars with the Trump administration raising trust issues on the company’s telecommunication.

Huawei is used by Beijing to spy on Foreign Governments and Companies

It has been alleged for years now that Huawei works at the behest of the Chinese government. The allegation goes further to say that Huawei implant backdoors into its proprietary telecommunication infrastructure (both hardware and software) enabling secret remote access on users.

Despite these allegations, in the Q2 period when it was banned from accessing Google Play Services for its future devices. The company’s smartphones sales were only second to Samsung, and still outpacing iPhones within the same period.

Although there was a general shrink (2.6%) of global market sales. Samsung maintained its global market leadership garnering 22% of the market, followed by Huawei at 17%, and Apple at third position at 11%. These three, account for 50% of the world’s smartphone market share.

Huawei on an Assurance campaign

No doubt Google has monopolized the smartphone market with its Android mobile operating system. Any smartphone vendor wants to be able to access the company app store; Play Store. As soon as news broke out Huawei future devices will no longer be able to access the Play Store, the company has been going all out assuring customers that it has an equally worthwhile mobile operating system.

However, I would be skeptical to say that Huawei has successfully managed to outwrestle the US ban. The real effects of the ban will be felt in the coming months; right now it might be too soon to say anything definitive.

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