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The Hub East Africa Ltd. Partners With Innov8tiv

The Hub East Africa Ltd. Partners With Innov8tiv

The Hub East Africa Ltd. Providing The Right Tools To Grow and Nurture Entrepreneurship

The Hub East Africa is a social enterprise center that is providing the right environment and tools to grow and nurture entrepreneurship. Through provision of the right knowledge, skills and infrastructure tailor-made to the needs of startup and growing businesses.

But unlike the ordinary incubation centers that only limit themselves to a given tech- or startup-field. The Hub East Africa is an all-inclusive center whose doors remain open to all kinds of entrepreneurs and at different stages of the business lifecycle. The center doesn’t limit itself to just tech coders and programmers. All types of entrepreneurs looking to try-out unconventional and creative business approach will find a suitable environment at the hub that will propel them to the next level of growth.

At the Hub East Africa, entrepreneurs can be certain to find a formal setup well equipped with office desks, office rooms and meeting rooms; which would fit just well into any startup budget. Thus enabling the entrepreneur enjoy formal working environment without committing to permanently buying or fully renting a fully furnished office that would only further stretch their already limited startup capital.

Other advantages of working from the Hub East Africa include: high speed and reliable Wi-Fi internet access, quiet and inspirational working environment and the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs with whom you can network and create support for one another.

The Hub East Africa also runs different programs to educate and open the eyes of the entrepreneurs. It provides thought leadership to advance the different sectors to the next level by showcasing opportunities along their value chain. Some of the programs include Ideation Sessions, Start-Up Fair, BBQ Challenge, SME Fair and Practical Trainings among others. For an in-depth look at these empowerment programs follow this link.

Innov8tiv has partnered with The Hub East Africa, in a move that will see all Innov8tiv’s operations in the East African region be based at the hub. The new office, for the Innov8tiv Kenyan-wing, will be based at the center. This partnership is a strategic move by Innov8tiv to get a front row seat to the empowerment programs and sessions hosted at the hub.

The Hub East Africa is literally a hub busy with different activities and programs tailor-made to empower the startup entrepreneur as well as businesses in different stages of the business cycle.

About The Hub East Africa

The Hub East Africa began operations back in July 2014 and is located next to Manyani Road Close, on Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, Kenya. You can find it on Google Map reference Latitude: -1.2617759, Longitude: 36:7679028. For more details, visit the Hub East Africa website by following this link



About Innov8tiv

Innvo8tiv is a dynamic web source for technology news, resources and innovation, with a special focus on the entrepreneurial advances of Africans on the continent as well as in the Diaspora.

Innov8tiv is a subsidiary company of IBOM LLC; a consultancy firm based in New York that helps entrepreneurs start small businesses or further grow their existing business. IBOM LLC prides itself in assisting entrepreneurs develop plan of action for long term success, provide useful business education and act as a platform for assistance to the African Diaspora Community. In addition, IBOM LLC  keeps the community informed via seminars, cultural & Tech events. For more information about IBOM LLC, visit the company’s website by following this link.

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