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by Milicent Atieno becomes the latest startup aiming at providing an online ecosystem providing Nigerian an extensive range of digital services that helps them in their daily tech needs. was designed with the traditional concept of brick-and-mortar tech hub, but wants to re-create it professionals list of services online, and make them available to all Nigerians; their profession and location not withstanding. As a starters package, the platform is currently offering 12 digital services including website builder and hosting services, to jobs classifieds platform, and e-publishing tools.

More digital services will be added to the’s offerings on a continuous basis; online health network is also expected to be rolled out soon.

Itopaking David, one of the co-founders and serving CEO of, says the startups main competitor is Google. However, their package is tailor-made to address the unique needs of the Nigerian market; unlike Google which caters for the everyone around the globe.

We are building Nigeria on a digital space, with services inspired by our ecosystem and real people so we will go along way to narrow the digital divide and to also increase the use of tech in our daily activity as a country,” said David.

Every class of Nigerian will benefit from as we offer a wide range of services to users in the ecosystem […] that are vital to everyday living. Our plans for the future is to build a digitally inclusive Nigeria by having more services and users on the ecosystem which will develop and provide new opportunities for Nigerians and entrepreneurs.”

It is interesting to note that the startup – fully self-funded – has already garnered over one hundred users. The startups is also reported to be looking for funding and partnerships that will further strengthen its products and services in the Nigerian digital market.

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