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Humin: iOS App That Will Revolutionize The Way We Connect

by Fahad Saleem

Humin: iOS App That Will Revolutionize The Way We Connect

In spite of the dislike towards many third party apps, we still use them and in case of iPhone, mostly, all the work is done using amazing alternatives for the stock apps. Messaging, calls, checking emails, you all use apps like WhatsApp, Mailbox, and third party messaging services. But have you ever thought of any app that will combine “all” your phone activities at one place? Dialing, adding contacts, messaging on the fly, managing contacts etc. There is one app with the same idea in town that is promising to take over your phone and combine all the daily tasks of your phone at one location.

Humin has come up with an amazing unique idea which it relates to the evolution of the internet in the early 90’s. People used to search through directories, in the tiresome alphabetical order to get the information they are looking for. Years after, Google managed to get the breakthrough in this process and let people search in the way they are processing information in their mind.

Now relate this thing to our daily contact search. You always open the sloppy contact search and use the alphabetical search to look for the person you need to contact. Ankur Jain, founder and CEO of Humin says that his app has taken the idea of internet evolution and put in the phone. The power of contextualization is at its service in Humin.

humin 4

For example, if you search for a friend using Humin, it will show his personal information, the last time you contacted him the mutual friends you both have in common and locations etc. The first time you open the Humin app, it shows you those contacts at the top which you contacted most recently. The data cache is refreshed every hour in order to update the back end database which is getting data in the real time.

Humin 2

humin 3

Humin is coming to App Store in a few months. A private Beta Version was given to 100 companies for internal testing and usage. Jain says that the app is initially for iOS but soon, they have plans to launch it for Android and platforms like Google Glass.


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