Hyper Casual Mobile Games in 2023

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Casual mobile games are an excellent option for people looking to have fun without wasting time on their smartphones. These games have witnessed huge success over other iconic mobile games and they’re not among your time wasters. Even better, hyper-casual games provide players with an exciting gaming experience that makes mobile games more enjoyable.   

So, what are hyper-casual games?

Hyper-casual games are lightweight games that can be played by gamers quickly. What’s special about the games is that they have the shortest gameplay sessions and you can have a lot of fun playing them. These games are in the tap-to-play category, without any complex details that players need to learn. 

Hyper-casual games are excellent for players who don’t have the time or interest to go deep with combats or complex game systems. Here are the top five hyper casual mobile games you don’t want to miss in 2023. In addition to playing hyper casual games, online gamblers can also check Australia Internet pokies recommended for mobile pokies to try their luck. These mobile pokies are also a great source of entertainment when you need a break and play hyper-casual games. 

Top 5 hyper-casual games

1.Angry Birds 2

If you’re a fan of the Angry Birds saga, then you’ll most likely enjoy this hyper-casual game. The game features different types of birds in an adventure, but you only need to tap your android screen to enjoy the gameplay.

The gameplay involves tapping the screen to send the birds flying and destroy towers. The game comes with lots of levels and you can choose the bird with the power you want to use on the slingshot to destroy your pigs.

2. Ice Cream Inc

Ice Cream Inc started the year 2023 with over 22 million downloads and has been among the top choices this year for hyper-casual gamers. The ice cream simulator mobile game lets you fulfill your sweet childhood dream by letting you choose the color, flavor, or toppings to serve your customers. You’ll find popular tastes like vanilla, dark chocolate, mango, strawberry, and others.

To play the game, you need to hold your ice cream dispenser to the flavor you want then mix and match it to suit the model. There’s nothing complex in the gameplay and you can also DIY the available desserts at Ice Cream Inc.

3. Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a bouncing ball adventure game that involves taking a ball through a helix tower labyrinth. The game is all about challenging yourself since you’ll need to bounce the ball through without failing. Different levels offer different entertainment levels and you can unlock many chests as you go through the game.

4. Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is among the simplest and most entertaining hyper-casual games for anyone looking for relaxing gameplay. The gameplay involves matching three colors of balls by shooting colored bubbles on the specified space. However, you can’t fill up your space with colored balls as your main aim is to clear the available balls and free up space.

5. Rider

If you like flipping yourself, Rider is the flipping action game you’ll want to play. The Rider game will make you an expert at flipping and it’s the best hyper-casual game if you’re looking for some of the best stunts performed in the rider world. Download the Rider game and be ready to start flipping with your motorcycle.

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