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IBGard Review 2022 – Tried for 30 days, Quick Takeaways


IBGard is a unique supplement for IBS because it has a strong scientific clinical study that included 72 real human participants with Irritable Bowel Syndrome who had symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and stomach cramps.

The study published in 2016 showed that compared to placebo supplements, IBGard was able to provide “rapid relief” of some IBS symptoms and also that it was safe to take with no major side effects reported.

Whilst, this study did show benefits it did not, however, prove that IBGard could cure IBS, and it is still advised to consult with your doctor beforehand and not use IBGard as a replacement for any prescribed medications. This blog post will detail my personal experience with IBGard.

What Is IBGard?

IBGard is a supplement owned by Nestle that was created to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and although it uses FDA-approved ingredients, IBGard isn’t endorsed by the FDA to assist with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The exact cause of IBS isn’t known precisely with different factors varying between individuals but the symptoms of IBS are all similar depending on the type of IBS you have. Typically IBS can cause diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation, painful cramping, and flatulence. For me personally, I have IBS-C, which causes me to have constipation.

Most people with IBS will find that they have trigger foods like gluten or dairy with some common ones but other causes also include stress because of the gut/brain axis that connects the gut with the brain. Sometimes, IBS will simply flare up for no reason, which can be frustrating.

IBGard can be found at CVS, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and other major “near me” retailers in your local neighborhood. IBGard is recommended to be taken three times per day with 2 capsules per time when your IBS is at its worst which in my opinion makes it not the easiest supplement to take daily. The price of IBGard does vary but as of September 2022, a 48-count box will set you back around 30 dollars.

IBGard Ingredients

The main ingredient of IBGard is 90mg of purified peppermint oil that is coated in a delayed release capsule that aims at delivering the peppermint oil deep enough into the intestines to try and help with relaxing muscle contractions caused by IBS.

Taking peppermint oil by itself may not work if it doesn’t make it past your stomach through to your colon. Meta-analysis studies in the past have shown that peppermint oil could be a safe treatment for IBS but in more human studies and it wasn’t thought to be a long-term solution.

Is IBGard A Probiotic?

One interesting thing to point out about IBGard is that according to Alicia Harper from, IBGard is not a probiotic because Peppermint oil is not a form of bacteria, and there are other forms of Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria in IBGard capsules. Peppermint oil is thought to have some antibacterial properties against E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, and Salmonella.

Peppermint oil can not differentiate between good and bacteria so you must leave a 2-hour gap between taking probiotic supplements like Align and IBGard together at the same time. IBGard may kill the probiotic bacteria rendering it useless. You cannot take probiotics and IBGard at the same time because of ingredient interactions.

Does IBGard Help with Acid Reflux?

According to sources at, peppermint oil may potentially relax the opening between the esophagus and stomach, worsening heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD symptoms, but this was only studied on peppermint oil not coated in delayed release technology. This may also lead to a burning feeling in your anus area.

Typically, since IBGard won’t dissolve in your empty stomach, this shouldn’t be an issue. IBGard is however not designed to be used as a treatment for Acid Reflux and may not help with acid reflux. If you have any acid reflux is best to consult with your doctor for accurate prescribed medical treatments. I am not a doctor.

My Takeaway After Using IBGard

IBGard did help with my IBS symptoms after taking it daily for 30-days, and I felt that my stomach cramping was reduced. I also noticed that diarrhea was reduced but when I ate things like ice cream IBGard was enough to stop my IBS from kicking in.

I felt that IBGard was quite expensive for me considering how expensive everything else at the moment is as well plus it wasn’t that easy for me to swallow so many large IBGard capsules per day.

If I had to go out for a social occasion I would definitely use IBGard to help prevent any embarrassing IBS symptoms like having to run to the toilet but overall, I won’t be using IBGard every day for my IBS.

I will continue to eat a lot of fiber and probiotic supplements like Alicia’s Naturals FlowFlora and eat a Low-FODMAP diet. I would give IBGard a 4 out of 5-star rating. As always, make sure to talk to your doctor first as IBS can mimic a lot of other serious medical conditions like Crohn’s, for example.

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