iCloud Login for Apple Devices : a General Guide

iCloud Login for Apple Devices : a General Guide

For people using Apple products like MacBook, iPhone, iPad or iPod, the data cloud available to them is iCloud, which is of course developed by Apple. To access iCloud from your device, you need to log in to it.

There are many problems faced by users in iCloud access, which are addressed here and simplified for you.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


If you have any version of iOS, you can access iCloud using the above mentioned devices. You have to go to the settings. Here, tap on iCloud. If you already have an account on iCloud, you can access iCloud by just logging in. Otherwise you need to create an account first for iCloud access. To do this, tap on “create new iCloud account”. Here you will have to input some of your personal information to create an account.

If you want to log in to another account, you will have to delete the account from your device. This will not delete the account on cloud, but it will delete all the mails and settings on your device associated to that account. After deleting, input the required things and log in.

Logging in will give access to your mail, calendars, reminders and things like this and all the data will be synched. To disable access to anything, just push the slider in front of the required thing to OFF.

Gaining access to iCloud music from iTunes is a little different. You can have another account on iTunes App store. Go to settings and tap on iTunes & App Store. You can sign in to the account you want to use for app purchases from here.

Login for different Apps:

For apps like FaceTime and getting access to your iMessages, there are a few more steps to take. You have to go to the settings and put the slider in front of FaceTime and iMessages to ON. Then for synching iMessages, tap on it and use SMS service to send messages to Apple devices which are not on iCloud. For FaceTime, just tap on FaceTime and login to the iCloud account you want to use.

Mac and PC


To login to iCloud on your Mac, click on the Apple icon on upper left corner of your screen. Click on system, then preferences and then iCloud. Enter your sign in info and click login. If you do not already have iCloud account, you can create one by clicking on sign up. In Mac, you can access more than one iCloud accounts.

For different apps like iMessages and FaceTime, you will have to go into their settings and sign in to your iCloud account from their and change the settings you want to make.

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