iKon Enables You Locate And Track Your Loved Ones And Possessions From Your Phone

iKon Enables You Locate And Track Your Loved Ones And Possessions From Your Phone

iKon Enables You Locate And Track Your Loved Ones And Possessions From Your Phone

Imagine the agony the parents of the over 200 Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria must be going through. Put yourself in their shoes and see how everything in their lives came second place to frantic search for their young girls. But where would a parent start?

Well, one Nigerian techie has come up with an innovative way for parents to keep track of their kids. Using a miniature tracking device that can be discreetly hidden in a child’s bag, clothes or inside their pockets. The device, called iKon, can then be remotely used to locate and track the child’s movements from an Android or iOS device by their parent. Suppose one of the kidnapped Chibok girls had the iKon on them at the time of the kidnap. It would have been easier to locate them and perhaps rescue them before they were taken deep into the militia’s hiding grounds.

The founder of iKon, Adedayo Charis was inspired to come up with the tracking devices as a way to help Nigerians to locate and track their loved ones when they need to. Given the country is facing unprecedented levels of kidnap cases most of being the work of Boko Haram. The Chibok girls kidnapping inspired his creation, but his device can be used to locate and track just about anything. The device is an ultra-small sticker with Bluetooth, which you can stick to a person’s clothes, on an animal or a car.

Using your iOS or Android device, you can use run the iKon app from your phone, and using GPS technology. The iKon device fitted with a tracking chip will transmit its GPS location to a paired mobile device using BT technology. The mobile device will pick up the signals transmitted by the iKon app showing the user in real-time where exactly on the map the person or thing being traced is located.

iKon Features Highlight:

Global coverage system – It works wherever there is a mobile network coverage

Personalized and mobile tracking system

Battery powered with a battery life of 6-12 months

The batteries are replaceable

Using one app on your mobile device, you can control multiple iKon devices

The iKon device is still in its beta stage. The founder needs your assistance in commercially deploying the device and is thus running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. With your help, the iKon device could reach the Nigerian population who are constantly dealing with the fear of their children and loved ones being kidnapped by the Islamist militia.

The device also present a plethora of commercial application including an owner of a fleet of vehicles being able to track his vehicle and put up geo-fencing among other helpful tracking features. For more information about the iKon device and to pledge your support for the startup, head on to Indiegogo page by following this link >>.

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