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iMessage Waiting for Activation Error in iPhone [Fixed]

by Fahad Saleem

iMessage Waiting for Activation Error in iPhone [Fixed]

iMessage waiting for activation error is becoming a common problem for iPhone users. Sometimes iMessages activation can be achieved easily without any problem, but sometimes the error comes. Fortunately, iMessage activation error can be solved easily.

There are multiple ways which can be used to solve iMessage activation error. But before you proceed, check the following points.

 iMessage Waiting for Activation Error Solved

Check these points before your proceed

You number must be listed against your device. You can check this by going to Contacts and the top contacts must be yours (My Number). If this is not the case then you can list your number by going to Settings -> Phone -> My Number and enter your number.

Date and Time must be correct according to your location. Date and Time irregularities have caused a plethora of errors in device. You should  Set your date and time to ‘Set Automatically’ by going in the Settings in General tab of your device.

iMessage Waiting for Activation error can also be caused by unstable Wi-Fi signals. Make sure the carrier signals and Wi-Fi signals are working fine.

Your carrier credit must be sufficient. If you don’t have the amount balance, the activation message gets blocked.

If you have checked the above things and they are in order, proceed with the following steps to fix iMessage waiting for activation error.

 Contact Carrier Support

You must contact your career support service and ask them if they support iMessage or not. Many non-US carriers are not supporting iMessage or demand a call from the user side for activation.

 Turning on Airplane Mode

This may sound silly but turning on the Airplane mode in an iPhone can solve the iMessage activation problems. You must try this method, majority of times, it works.

Go to Settings of your iPhone, scroll down and in the messages section, turn off iMessage and disable FaceTime.

Now turn on the Airplane mode. This would disable the Wifi automatically.

You should now turn on the Wifi manually.

Now launch iMessage app.

You will be asked to add the Apple ID. Add it.

Now go back to the Settings of your iPhone again and turn off the Airplane mode.

You will see a prompt saying that your will be charged by carrier for sms. Tap OK.

Now go back to Messages, turn iMessage Off and ON again.

Your iMessage waiting for activation problem must be solved now and it will be activated.

Apple ID Sign-out and Sign-In

Signing off your Apple ID and then signing in again can also do wonders. For that, follow the steps below.

Go to Settings of your iPhone. Scroll down to Messages and you will see ‘Send and Receive’. Tap it.

Tap on the Apple ID and sign out.

Launch iMessage.

Turn on the WiFi if it’s off, otherwise turn it off and then ON. Now start iMessage.

imessage waiting for activation problem 2

Enter Apple ID and try to activate iMessage.


These were some tricks to solve iMessage waiting for activation errors in iPhone. Let us know in the comments which one worked for you.

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