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Important Things You Must Know Before Upgrading iPhone or iPad To iOS 8

by Fahad Saleem
what to know before iOS 8 upgrade

Important Things You Must Know Before Upgrading iPhone or iPad To iOS 8

iOS 8 is finally here and the users of iOS devices are quite eager to try its amazing features and customization options. However, you need to know some important things before downloading the huge update. This article highlights key information that every user must know before updating to iOS 8.

Compatibility of Device

The core concern for users must be the compatibility of their devices with iOS 8. The good news is that most of the iOS devices are compatible with iOS 8. The following devices would be upgraded to iOS 8.

  • Smartphones above iPhone 4S.
  • iPad 2 and above, including iPad Minis and iPad Air.
  • Only the 5th generation of iPod Touch.

what to know before iOS 8 upgrade

Space Availability

iOS 8 doesn’t require connecting your device to iTunes for getting installed. Everything from uncompressing to installing it happens on the device itself.

You need to clear up around 6GB of storage in the hard disk of your device for installation of various packages of iOS 8. However, depending upon your device, space requirements may be less than 6GB. The iPhone 5S users will require 5.7GB of space while the Non-Retina iPad Mini requires 4.8GB of free space for the upgrade. To view the free space available on your device, go to Settings->General->Usage.

what to know before iOS 8 upgrade

Is Your Device Running Latest iOS 7?

In order to upgrade your operating system to iOS 8, you need to make sure that your device is already running the latest version of iOS 7 i.e. iOS 7.1.2. To view the software version of your device, go to Settings->General->Software Updates. If you see that update is available other than iOS 8, you need to upgrade to that version first before jumping to iOS 8.

Backup of Data

It is a wise idea to back up your important data before installing any major upgrade. If an update fails, then your system will crash and it would be impossible to recover from this situation. If you have backed up your data, you can recover your system to the previous version. You can create a backup by connecting your device to PC using iTunes. You can backup entire phone storage, including apps, media, app data, and system settings.

In short, you need to complete your homework before upgrading your device to iOS 8. The excitement of upgrading to the latest update before sufficient arrangements, would lead to undesirable results.

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